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  1. Thank you for the compliment. i will not be doing blinds.i prefer more daylight into the living, so a simple day curtain from ikea will do for me. How is your unit going,finishing soon?
  2. Pardon the kids table.This big sofa is really comfortable. It took 6 guys to climb 9 floor to get it up to my place as the lift is too small. A view of the living from dinning. The kitchen
  3. The girls room is still not ready but here's a picture of the Diy shelve from ikea. And a little orchid from ikea to brighten up the home.
  4. This is the boy room. I must say this pole hanger is really useful.
  5. Have been busy unpacking for the last few days. Finally 3/4 is done. Some parts of the house is not fully done up so I will just share what is ready. Random pictures of Master bedroom
  6. Mine is all hand painted. Wood paint can be tricky if you are not experience enough. You have to dilute to avoid streak lines. Normal paint use for wall with a roller will be more easier. Take a look at the result using normal paint.
  7. From my previous post on the toilet louvre windows. Since application for top hung is rejected and not wanting to waste time. A Diy paint job and replacement of new glass panel. Save a few hundred bucks and looks brand new.
  8. This is the TV console that I'm most worried about. Not prefect but very close to what I wanted.
  9. The front view of the kitchen
  10. The master bedroom & master toilet
  11. Tomorrow is the final painting touch up and hand over. I will try to up more pictures when everything is ready
  12. It do seems darker. I think it's do- able for me now.
  13. I did not notice the color I chosen fall under grey. Think I will just live with it for a couple of years and maybe a change later when I get bored with it. So, what have you chosen as your countertop?