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  1. I signed Elite up to help me move and store my stuff while I go through reno over the next 2 months. The price was a mind blowing figure of $2700. But it include: a. team of 8 or 9 men, well organised and professional that came last Saturday to move thing out. b. 2 months of temporary storage for all my things listed below. c. Bring my stuff back in 2 months time. 1. shoe rack 2. seatee 3. 3+2 sofas 4.dining table+6 chairs 5 dismantle 1x double deck bunk bed + steps+ 2 mattress 6 1x single bed frame + mattress 7 Queen side bed frame + mattress 8 storeman rack 9.pails+tubs 10.2xaquarium lightings set 11.glass coffee table 12. 93xboxes of stuff. 13. misc They are obviously well trained for the job and very good! They even shrink wrap those things that I already bubble-wrap before, just to be safe. High recommended.