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  1. Thank u very much for ur reply, that was very helpful. Thank u
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for a good and reliable carpenter to do my wardrobe, and some storage cabinets, any recommendations? Someone with good workmanship and still lowest cost?
  3. I am also looking for the carpenter Can u plz pm me his number? thank u.
  4. Hai can u plz PM me her contact, I also want to do false celing, thank u very much.
  5. I want to do tiles for my wash area wall, it is already painted. do I need to hack a bit before doing the tiles, or can I continue fixing the tiles on the painted wall?cud anyone plz suggest the right way plz?
  6. can u plz mail me the address of the shop to avani006@gmail.com, thank u.
  7. can u plz mail me the contact details of ur contractor plz. avani006@gmail.com thank u.
  8. i too need the contact of ur carpenter for my kitchen cabinets. plz mail me to avani006@gmail.com, thanks in advance.