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  1. Selling this pencil leg books / records cabinet. Preloved, got it 5 years ago from Malaysia craftsmen. Made of old recycled Teak wood, some surface varnish had came off after these years and currently showing natural patina in certain area. Only books were placed in it and hardly move at all, once in long while only using damp wipes to clean off surface dust. Cabinet is still strong and sturdy, reason for selling because it does not suit my home theme anymore. Pls scroll down for measurement, self pick up, selling at $300, PM me.
  2. For sale the following unique pencil leg dining table in the shape of guitar pick made by teak wood at the price of $400, including free bonus which is a pencil leg coffee table also made with teak wood. Buyer needs to arrange for own transport and own delivery. Free viewing no obligation but at my convenient time @ east area (near central). PM me, Thanks.
  3. I have a 1960-1970 style coffee table for sale, it is made of teak and comes with pencil legs. Interested buyer are welcome to view it at my place, no obligation. $150, cash and carry only. Dimension as follow: approx. 89cm x 49.5cm x 51cm height. PM me. Items is located at East side. thanks
  4. For SALE I have a sink and a tap for sale at a bundle price of $350 NETT altogether. Both are brand new, never use never install before. However, we did not check properly as the tap was purchase in a hurry on the spot or maybe due to the moving, bumping and storing throughout the reno...I noticed theres some scratches at the spring part when i took it out to take pics. Overall it is brand new except the scratches. Sink is perfect and brand new too. Self carry, selling cheap becos just wana let both go better than seeing them sitting in the storeroom....they are redundant items to us now. The tap alone cost more than $300, u guys can check it out at HOMEONE and the sink is almost $300 too bought at D'POSH geylang. The dimension of the sink is as follow in the pic... First come first serve, pm me..thanks Heres some facts.. 1: why we have two sink? Ans: It was at the last stage of the reno we decided to integrate our sink to our kitchen top, so it becomes one piece. By then of cos we already bought our sink and tap. 2: why do we have a second tap? Ans: It was also at the last stage of the reno, my wife was so blur as she was the one managing the sub con's work (at this point we do not have any main contractor anymore)....she got so blur and panic that she thought we lost or the tap was lost somehow during the reno (we had a v long reno) and she rush to HOMEONE at geylang to buy the tap only to realise that we actually had our first tap that we purchase when she returns..lol 3: the finishing of the tap? Ans: It is matt finishing and almost impossible to find matt in the market with both way tap. Most of the time u will only be able to find those matt with one way tap only.
  5. To add in, for those that wish to view some of the master installers work can go to his blog: www.ahzhengshifu.wordpress.com . His China accent pretty strong so u guys need to be patience listening to him. thanks
  6. Yup, from "like that one". The height is 55cm.