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  1. Hi, I saw from your forum that you were looking for renovation contractor. I know of one person, hope it has some help to you, almost 20 yrs in this industry. Richard 98375250 :) all the best! Cheers!

  2. I'm looking for contractor for renovation of both my toilets and other simple renovation. Please contact me at 90225221.
  3. I thought so too. Normal rate is around 3.5k to 4.5k right? Even if I remove the vanity box below the basin, it still cost me about 5.5k...
  4. All below items are for the master bedroom toilet. Total cost at $6,410. I heard the normal rate is around 3.5k to 4k. Need some advise from you guys. Thanks in advance. 01.Supply/construct non-slip floor tiles for master toilet (<$3psf) - $480 02.Waterproofing to be carried out for master toilet - $200 03.Supply/construct 2 tone full height wall tiles for master toilet (<$3psf) - $1,380 04.Supply/replace new stainless steel piping for master toilet basin and conceal drain pipe for master toilet basin - $350 05.Supply labour to install all toilet accessories - $250 06.Supply/construct L-sharp shower kerbs with matching tile for master toilet - $240 07.Supply/install solid timber door c/w lock set and varnishing for master toilet entrance - $480 08.Master toilet: Supply/install aluminium/frame Acrylic shower screen for master toilet (L-sharp) - $580 09.Master toilet: Supply/install laminated suspended cabinet below vanity - $480 10.Master toilet: Supply/install wall to wall solid surface vanity (exclude basin) - $450 11.Hacking of existing floor tiles, wall tile, toilet bowl and basin for master toilet - $580 12.Debris removal services to be carried out - $280 13.Haulage of sand to be carried out - $380 14.Supply/lay corrugated board to protect existing flooring (include disposal) - $180