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  1. Hi, Sorry to hear about your case. I have similar experience but not as serious as yours. From what i know, this type of case will drag for a long time. You may need to look for alternative accomodation instead. Once you move in, it will be very difficult to argue. You should also held the property agent responsible to a certain extend I think. HDB will suspend the renovation registration of an RRC who has accumulated a maximum of 24 demerit points within the 24-month period. The suspension is one year. If an RRC has accumulated more than the maximum 24 points over the 24-month period, the excess points will roll over to the next registration period. For more serious infringements, the renovation registration will be revoked even if the maximum number of demerit points has not been reached. Extracted from: http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10324p.nsf/w/RenoCntrctrRenoSys?OpenDocument I really hope you can resolve this faster. Good luck! Jiayou!!
  2. Wow!!! I support you arh.. This must stop.. In the worst case, their flat may be taken back by the HDB. Go Go Go!
  3. Hi, Does our Fengshui master actually recommended us to add in a door kerb at the main entrence because there is a down slope. Other then a door kerb does anyone know if there is any other solution? Don