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  1. Hi AnneY and Lee Chao Rui, Thank you so much for your information concerning Development Charge. When I spoke to some PEs, builders and architects, none of them mentioned development charge. Will look into it again. Is there anyway one can get around it without incurring dev. charge. How much would the development charge be for a 2,900 sq. ft land with built up of around 4,000 sq.ft? Don't understand how they do the calculations. Does one who has bungalow land and subdivide into 2 semi-D have to pay development charge as well? Lee
  2. Hi, Can anyone kindly advise what is the cheapest cost of constructing a 3 ft X 11 ft lap pool in today's market price? Do contractor quote by per sq ft? Is 11ft considered normal or too short for a lap pool? Should depth be ideally 1.5 m to 2.00 m? Thank you. Lee
  3. Hi iamken, I am looking to rebuild a house in my garden (about 2900 sq.ft) and will have to knock down the 1st storey extension to the existing house. Also have a very tight budget too. Can u pls email me yr builder's contact? If it is not too inconvenient for you, you may forward the contact to me at livevac@gmail.com Thank you very much. Lee