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  1. Hi, I would like to apply a new coat of clear epoxy on a cement screed floor that was done 9y ago. ~800sqft. No major issue. Tiny areas where it peeled off. Want to seal the cracks from liquid and avoid more peel off. Anyone did that before? (Flat currently occupied) Any recommendation from owners? Or quote from contractors? Thank you
  2. :: Cement Screed Flooring :: Dear RenoTalkers, I have heard a lot on this kind of flooring, help me to regroup the information under this topic. Contractor or Home owner, kindly share your experience with Cement Screed Flooring! HowTo apply it? Advice on installation? Things to check with your contractor before... Cracks, characteristic of this flooring, what have you done about it? Waterproofing a cement screed floor Tips on type of cement to use, mixture, sand origin makes a difference? Pros & Cons Flooring Finishing? But also if you have had a cement screed floor for a long time, please share your experience on how it ages and its maintenance. Other topics on Cement Screed Flooring found on RenoTalk.com : Flooring Advise - Cement Screed? Cement Screed Flooring