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  1. He promised to email us the 3D drawings & quotation before we met but as usual, he did not fulfill his promise. Anyway, we arranged for a discussion and he showed us the 3D drawings (still based on old designs as we already told him some layout changes etc) but he never amend. Worst of all, he was still preparing the quotation while we waited for him.... Finally, he showed us the quotation of $55K with alot of missing items & typo errors. So if he quoted all the items, i think it will rise to over $60K. We were disappointed as initially we already told him our budget was only $30K and he told us with the ideas that he sketched, should be roughly $40K. And then now he told us not possible to work within our budget... he is wasting our time by providing so creative yet expensive ideas and worst of all, i very super regretted for paying him $300 for the drawings which is now useless to me.... :-(
  2. We had an unpleasant experience with Aldon. We chanced upon his office at IMM and had a discussion with him. Depsite all the IDs that we met, we have no doubts that he is really creative with ideas. He is able to sketch his ideas on the spot and we were very impressed with his sketching. We told him to give us a quote based on his sketches and to work on our budget around $30K. We had been chasing him for quotation everyday and he always said "soon", "on the way" but we never receive. In the meantime, we have met up with other IDs and managed to get all quotations except Aldon. After 3 weeks, we decided to call Aldon again and he said he tried calling us back but we didn't receive his call at all. He told us to go to his office again to further discuss. He explained that his company dont give out quotation first. He is able to provide 3D drawings based on his sketches but I need to pay $300 for it and it will comes with quotation too. If I sign contract with him, then this amount will be waive off. Since we like his idea so much, so we decided to pay for it. TO be continued again as I am busy with work...
  3. Hi Lady, Thanks. I have add you in my Facebook. Btw, how much did u spend on your reno?
  4. Hi All, Anyone tried Space and Living (formerly known as City Deign) @ IMM? We met up with their Creative Director Aldon twice but have not signed up with them yet. Any comments? Thanks...
  5. Hi... Have anyone engaged Space N Living located at IMM? The ID is Aldon. PLease advise. THanks.
  6. Hi Everyone, Has anyone tried Space N Living located at IMM? Can't seem to find any reviews on them. Thanks.