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  1. Kitchen wall hacked for open concept kitchen The hallway with the store hacked The bedroom thats gonna be smaller now after store is expanded The blocks indicating the extended size of store Wall tiles for master toilet
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  13. Have not been updating this blog for a LONG LONG time. Busy with work, holidays etc. Hacking for my unit already completed. Leveling and waterproofing also done. Rewiring and tiling now in progress. There are some areas where new walls need to be erected and that is also underway.... photos coming up...
  14. If you're going for open concept, are you brave enough to go without a hood. I personally don't use one and don't intend to use one in my new home as well. Honestly, I feel hoods are overrated. Naturally ventilate your kitchen and clean your kitchen regularly. By cleaning I mean mop the floors, wipe the grease off the cabinets. Do it once a week is enough or once in 2 weeks. Look at it this way, if you don't want to clean your kitchen frequently like I suggested, you still have to clean and maintain your hood if you decide to get one. And cleaning the hood is NOT pleasant. Grimes and grease that have stayed there for weeks or months depending on how often you clean them. So just consider it. Ask you ID or contractor for their views. There are more and more people I know who have gone without hoods. Just my 2 cents worth...
  15. Personally, I would take Sealy but that's only becoz I'm using Sealy. Mattress is a good place to invest. When you get home after a long day at work, you will feel that the money is well spent. The Sealys, Simmons and Sertas can last really long so it's a good investment.