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  1. Hi Yagiza, thank u... I bought it from Hock Siong, a second hand shop
  2. Not very sure if the savings would be substantial. You may wanna call them and ask them for the price and stock availability before going down, in case of a wasted trip ya...
  3. My dressing table Compartments for my accessories Changed to artifical flowers after my plant died :S
  4. Nice.. Looking forward to ur pics So have u confirmed ur contractor?
  5. Bluecheeze, what my friend did was she tested all e down lights at e shop to make sure it's working so that she does not hv to make a double trip. But becos she ordered alot and e shop dun hv all e stock she still hv to make another trip down to collect it. The cost savings are substantial enuf so no complains hahaha... Great u got e fan So u not getting e e mini fan anymore
  6. Hi Bluecheeze, I bought it from IMM. Mustafa is also carrying it U shld be able to get it there. Did u manage to go JB?
  7. Hi, I got it from Best Denki It's noiser than those kdk fan. So I guess it's good for aesthetic reasons.
  8. Dear all, All pms replied. If I m not wrong K is out of town and will be back after 17 Mar. All e best
  9. The lights are up Hi there, may i know where did you buy this light? Thanks in advance! Hi I bought this light in JB and it's from Best Light. U can find e address in one of e thread I posted
  10. Yes they are within walking distance. Jus a few shops distance. U can get e track lights from Best. I got mine there, it's led and it's cheap They are both open on Sunday but for Best they close earlier on Sunday. If I didn remember wrongly shld be ard 2pm to 3pm. Enjoy shopping
  11. Oh dear.. Mayb they increased e price If you haven bought ur lights u can go and check it out still. Best Lights is also located along e same stretch. For ceiling fans, Best Light also carries some range and their prices are more competitive.
  12. It's really way exp from e price given to me. But must really negotiate e price w then when u r there. And then if there is a few of u interested., perhaps group buys can fetch more discounts too.
  13. Omg! So exp... When they quote me e price previously it was e best price that was given by them. Usually e price can be negotiated. Is e RM1200 for e improved version? My goodness.. So exp.