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  1. Does any know of a good furniture maker? By that I mean one that can work with hardwood and reproduce barrister bookcases from plans. Most of the 'custom' furniture makers I've found don't do much more than cut cabinets to fit a kitchen. Barossa used to do this kind of work, but he's recently retired.
  2. Has anyone here put a lock on their outside electrical meter? Just finished a renovation and in the process of installing an alarm system and security cameras, and noticed that the entire units electrical supply can be easily turned off from the outside. Kinda defeats the purpose of having an alarm if it can be turned off by a potential thief. In fact all the electrical boxes in the block are the same. Just walk by, flip the switch and you've turned off the power to any unit. It looks like small locks could be fitted to the covers. Not the best solution, but better than nothing. Anyone else tackled this problem before?
  3. Just say Ariston brand with 5 burners at IKEA, but display only. Anyone know shop with good prices for this brand?
  4. Looking to reno the kitchen and looking for new 5 or 6 burner hob (cook lot's of western food). Anyone have recommendation? Got nice oven and stainless steel cabinet, need hobs for top. Ready to by ASAP; old hob spoiled alr. Cheers, - Steve
  5. Anyone know best price for 90cm 5 or 6 burner unit? - Steve