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  11. Not easy to make a decision if we will do it ourselves or will look for contractors. But after a month searching,we've learned a lot that if you will D-I-Y,u will save more! So,we decided to make Ala-Carte Renovation and made some lists to do and budget wise (most importantly). Were not getting a renovation loan so all from our own pockets (OUCH!) Here are some direct person or shops we contacted to do our place and their specialty (cross-fingers) Yon Tat - doors lots of here talked about Yon Tat so everybody knows that my renovation might be finished before they can install the doors we will ordering Mr. Tay - electricity & flooring found him in this forum as well,of all the persons we talked to,he's the only one really give us cheap quotation specially for our laminated wooden floors so we engaged him in flooring and electricity wiring and one more good thing about it,he even told us about the free screed of the floors from HDB which the others didn't (he's quite an honest man on that so credit to him ). Easy to negotiate so we put down a deposit the next day Mr. Hock - built-in cabinets he is referral of Mr.Tay,but I think he's not the 1st option,as I remembered its a Malaysian who he wants to refer,unfortunately he can't be contacted but Mr.Hock is quite professional (hopefully). One thing I liked to him is he didn't say NO,CANNOT. He will tell me the standard measurement and let me think if I'm ok with the given space then give me some suggestions. They are easy to negotiate with the pricing as well Will ask them to do our kitchen cabinets,kitchen island,liquor cabinet,false wall for TV console & wardrobe in master room Mr. Chua- sinks & showers He's our previous neighbor,don't even know that they sell those stuff until after 5yrs. were being neighbors LOL! Well,of course we clinch a good deal!! But he only sell it to retail shop,I'm not so sure if he's willing to sell it individually. Will post some pics soon and you won't believe the pricing for such nice stuffs Gain City - air conditioning you should choose your sales representative better! Me & hubby decided to get Samsung Inverter for our a/c but the 1st sales rep I talked said that we can't coz the inverter cannot go in into the window,I find it impossible so I intend to show my floor plan but he said that he don't need to take a look coz he's 100% sure that cannot due to the designs of the bto on my area. When I return with hubby and another sales rep talked to us,he take a look in my floor plan and said it can be coz its in laundry area not master room window need to passed