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  1. Hi, I bought it for about $350 for the TV console (without the glass cabinet beside which cost about 200 plus)
  2. Hi AshleyAdam, ours is not laminate, its wood texture homogenous tiles and you can find it in Hup Kiong Pte Ltd 564 Balestier Road, or Hafary along the stretch of tiles shops, as for the model no. I really can't remember. Thanks for your comments and yup we search for several places for TV console and eventually found it at Cluck Cluck.
  3. Hi aspialle, I got it from a shop name Cluck Cluck inside Tanjong Pagar MRT, you can try and see their stuff on their FB page if you like https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cluck-Cluck-Country-Living-Home-Decor/179445777163 Hope it helps
  4. Hi Kia Ming, Thanks a lot and it cost $1330 for it as its 7ft plywood with spray paint effect.
  5. Hi I am using sea freight (economy) for my taobao items. I purchased through Peeka and they use cubic cm for sizes and doesn't matter on weight. Normally my shipping is about 15-20 percent of the total cost on items, you can check through Peeka and they ve shipment calculator for you to check ur shipping charges and so far they are reliable they ensure the quality of items b4 sending to consumer. Hope it helps
  6. hihi mind to share how much is your mbr toilet door? Isit a Bi fold or PD door? Hi it cost $880 for the toilet door, its 2 piece wooden swing open door with laminate. We told our ID our concept and design and he improvise for us.
  7. Hi vuzu, it cost $5.25 for the carpet and as I bought it together with other stuff, so its hard for to specify the courier service charges for the carpet only. I bought form taobao through peeka, you may try n check on peeka
  8. Hi Harriette, Thank you! It is carpet. Here are the link http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=23217696431 http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=36800745697
  9. A little happiness to share with despite of the unpleasant experience yesterday. We received our Taobao goods last night, so so happy with the stuffs we purchased! Always looking at the bright side of life
  10. Yup too late now and unfortuantely we bought full range of stuff there too its and all "recommended" by David
  11. I thought I won't be updating my blog anymore but recently something that really makes me boil and angry about it and hence I feel i need to inform everyone who is reading my blog... Its about my SMEG fridge, it looks good with its retro design but there is 1 flaw which I only discover recently... its does not auto-defrost on the freezer compartment. Meaning to say it will accumulate layers of ice around it which only the olden type of fridge will ve this issue. I will ve to manually defrost it by turning off the refrigerator n let the layer of ice melts n clean up the freezer n switch on again. Its kind of ridiculous which I need to take into considerations that my frozen food may spoil as I need to switch off the fridge for a period...... Anyway this is the problem of this fridge now but what I want to inform everyone is never ever go to UNILITE at Jalan Kayu if you r considering to buy a SMEG fridge. This is because the owner MR David claimed that the whole fridge is auto-defrost when we bought it and he only realised when I called him and told him that the technician came n said we ve to manually defrost it. He claimed that there is a button behind the fridge to do auto defrost. He said will check and get back to us but its been dragging for 2 weeks plus since I told him about this issue and no news from him. We have to go to look for him but yet he insisted that its the agent problem and even try to smoke off by saying he got tell us... wa lau its really KNS! He can even said those who wana buy SMEG will do some research b4 coming to buy, KNN maciam now its our fault that we never research on the technical part of the fridge, he is the seller n yet he is not sure of what he is selling n confirmed with us its auto-defrost for whole fridge when buying from him... And now where is the button he mentioned?? The only solution he give us now is to upgrade to another new model which ve auto-defrost for whole fridge but ve to pay another 1200 bucks for it?!! I could use this money to get a better fridge, really ridiculous and pissed off. The part we are most pissed off with is his attitude. Irresponsible and keep pushing the responsibility to APS agent. Anyway I will go and confront him again and there would be less victim like us who face this issue at UNILITE Anyone got SMEG fridge and has no auto defrost for the freezer part? May I know how u guys deal with the icing layer?
  12. Hi Takaishi, it depend on the content of the artwork and the amount of detail in it. Normally I would charge from $150 - $350. Please feel free to browse through my online portfolio if you free. http://cl.daportfolio.com/