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  1. You can try Soon bee huatt at changi rd. I purchased from them. White horse Sin lek Harfary Someone told me that there is another tiles seller in defu other than Harfary. Can anyone share this information? if you need tiler and hacker contractor, pm me.
  2. If you know what you want, i would like to share my direct approach experience for engaging a direct plumbing contractor who can also supply and install you bathroom wc, taps, basins, and sinks at good prices and install at the same time. I visited several showrooms in Geylang, Balester, IMM - all very expensive. Many don't do installation but ask their plumbing contractors to install. Some charge quite high. I seen so many brands, so very confusing. Then I came across a local wholesaler of bathroom products, Crizto www.crizto.com.sg I seen their WC, basin, sinks and taps which are good quality. I note the models visiting the various shops and check out the website. I called a few suppliers like Crizto, unfortunately they don't sell to end users like me but only to dealers shops. So I go to my plumber contractor recommended to me by my friend in the construction industry doing mostly government jobs, and asked him to buy for me at good or beter price. The price he got for me is far cheaper than I go to any ID, or tap shop I visited. I got Crizto brand wc and basin. The taps he supplied is from ADL but similar in design from Crizto. I also purchased a rain shower unit Crizto brand. I think he probably tied up with some shops to do this. I saved at least $400 on plumbing and supplies alone for the whole toilets revamp by going direct. For tiling and hacking works, I also get a direct contractor through this great forum. Alan