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  1. Hi Hello88, Ur layout similar as mind, except for the 2nd flr common toilet, where your toilet bowl situated right at the end of the toilet which make it diff to built shower screen. Another question, does your lower floor come with toilet?
  2. New EC income ceiling is $10K. http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10201p.nsf/WP...ubMenu=Policies
  3. Hello everyone, What happened was the existing owner actually built the dressing table, study desk and a wardrobe before he deicded to lay laminated flooring. Therefore, when I remove the dressing table etc..., there are lobangs which required to patch up. So, these few lobangs will patch up with similar laminating flooring. As for maintenance, my contractor who did the parquet flooring for me said that the best way is to dry mop using only water (same thing apply for parquet). If u feel that the floor is sticky (maybe every 1mth), u may use those traditional floor detergent (eg. Kiwi Kleenx, wonder i spelled correctly ) Till date, I had followed his advise, so far so good BTW, my reno cost me close to 40K
  4. meaning your utility window is actually facing part of your house, dining rm? that's interesting. actually previous owner done up both roof for the balcony and recess area, + the living rm marble floor + laminating floor for 3 rms (except I need to service them cos I remove the fixture desk, dressing table which left lobang on the laminating floor) Then I practically re-do all the rest (ie, ktichen, toilets, wardrobes etc....) Me bought at 362K, 0 COV. Bought ard Jan How much u pay for urs?
  5. Hi WelcomeHome, The side of staircase got timber skirting and the wall is plastered. Hi hello88 yup not easy to get one, that's why we actually sacrifice the view for a corner unit....this is the only corner unit that we viewed and we secure it. for the utility rm, i knocked down the entire wall + door to build the glass sliding door. As for the walls at the original main door is remain, and the windows at the utility room is also original, juz imagine that it is a corridor unit with the utility rm facing the corridor....Then additional main entrance and roof is also erected. BTW, additional main entrance and roof was done by the previous owner Likewise, the window was done by the previous owner It used to be a round hole along the corridor. So, when the previous owner buy over the corridor, he also covered up the hole with window. Glad to hear many bro&sis saying that the marble floor is nice cos we initially thot it can be abit "old fashion"....
  6. One of the pic I posted for my house is the staircase. What u mean by plastering at the side?
  7. U mean your contractor quote u the parquet staircase for $3K, does it include the railing? I did my staircase with parquet for 1.8K, without railing
  8. Hi, Both balcony and recess area roof were built by pre-owner That's also one of the reason i bought it, cos i heard roof can cost you a bomb thks for the compliment. the sliding wardrobe cost me $1760 at 220psf
  9. Thks for the compliment. I actually tear down the store room wall and put up the glass sliding door The marble flooring was left over by the previous owner. I like it too, though it can be consider old fashion for today taste. But neva mind, can save quite a sum by merely polishing it Just went thru the quotation again, the plastering + painting is actually > 4K My wardrobe cost 220 psf. It uses the Alumix sliding door (the one that sponsor the recent channel 8 series, the one that talked about our army....) My reno cost me $38K. The cabinet in the living rm cost me $2070. Yup, the pipes can be accessed cos the doors can be opened. I have initially thot of boxing up for the mbr toilet as well, but gave up the idea cos is not feasible due to the weird shape of the piping and will make your toilet looks very small
  10. Plastering + painting shld be ard 3 - 3.5K. My house also have this ugly stone spraying, but luckily, they didn't do it for the ceiling :-) My house ok lah, juz some simple renovation, but come to talk abt it, nowadays reno is really ex....
  11. Hi bro & sis, Have moved in for couple of mths and wanna shared with you the pics for my new house. See below for the link rx error saying that i have posted more images than i am allowed to. more to come. Pls comment.
  12. hi fishpond and hello88, nope, bought at value. is the stretch of EM behind the polyclinic. fishpond, can share where is your em? so i guess yours is cov?
  13. HI Fishpond, Me paid 365. Mine also very rundown and went thru quite a reno which cost me 40k
  14. Thks MaCe for the advise. Yup, my balcony is covered with roof and windows. But do you think HDB will fault me when i sell my house in the future? Mine is 154msq (corner unit with recess area bought). See below for my floor plan Will share the pics once I got them done
  15. I have also put up windows and it is now kinda of part of the living rm now (just than i didn't remove the sliding doors). My concern is that HDB will fault me when I resell my house in the future. What do you think? Possible?