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  1. Super anxious now.. Feel kinda unsafe leh. Who's spying on us?? Can anybody recommend a cheap and good alarm system? Other than putting our dog(s) there, which I think its quite cruel at this point lah
  2. Oh thanks! That's a good price to pay rather than the PUB bill every month so ex.. Installation get contractor to do is it? Poo Joo? Where's that? Do they also sell fridge washing machine etc? Yesterday went down to Hong Liang and Thomson at the Bukit Merah area, the prices not bad. Thanks to forummers recommendations
  3. Whoa really? Is there any way to dispute with them? Otherwise what's a good and cheap storage type water heater to use?
  4. Ya tell me about it.. Got one time our bill at the rented flat was $200+ ! Then the months after that keep giving estimate bills somemore.. But I don't think City Gas will be that bad right? Anybody who's used the heater and have average bills to share?
  5. Huh what horror stories? Must tell me leh.. Kenn and I are kinda gullible and decisive, so once city gas comes down on Sat there's no turning back
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys.. We'll probably still go for spray painting then! Yesterday we went down to see if spot check if work had really started as promised by our ID. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the wiring and trunking for electrical was all done already! Hehe more fang xin now. Oh prob going to get City Gas and their water heater.. Hope there won't be any additional costs for installation etc...
  7. Sorry for my absence.. I can finally log on cos my bosses are out of the office, for now anyway. Yep, thanks Mace for the contact. Thanks also to Air and all the advise given regarding spray painting. We're very concerned about the toilets cos we feel that it makes or breaks the look of the house. But all the options are quite expensive! Very tired over the weekend, brought kenmura's mum to see, my parents to see, rush down to start the electricity supply and today going to meet David at the flat again. Luckily our lights are settled, got one of our favourite dining lights at a good price! Thanks to Jimmy for his recommendation, he came down to geylang just to help us along. Does anybody have a quote from Hong Tar aircon for system 3 with 22k, 9k, 9k BTU? The best price we have so far is $2550, but heard so much about them from here. Any experiences to share as well regarding Hong Tar's service and prices?? ;P
  8. Hi everyone! It's Jan here Kenn's FW. Am in the office now where I usually read what you guys and my FH posts. Don't usually post cos wait my boss see, but after the tremours work mood like gone alreadi Thanks Cantona 7 for offering to invite us to your home. May I ask which ID you used by the way? We're always on this forum to get more ideas!!
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