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  1. Hi, are you sure the manhole is a PUB inspection access? Do you have the Sewage Interpretation Plan? you can also check with PUB first to confirm. If this is just part of your private drainage system, you can move it to build your pool for just a fraction of the cost you mentioned.
  2. Hey Bunnymummy I tried to PM you but message says you cannot receive any messages.
  3. I think some of us are confused with the definition of sewage line we are talking about here. I have already consulted PUB on this matter and here's what I gathered from them: Public sewage line and sewage line within the private compound are different. In fact, the authorities refer the latter as drainage line. However, there may be instances where part of the public sewage network was built under the ground within a private compound. If that is the case, then that is where the headache starts if rerouting is in your plan. It will be complicated, time consuming and expensive to reroute the public seawage line as there are many rules and conditions governing such rework. So those 2-meters setback, RC trenches etc etc are only applicable if the "sewage line" is a public one. So, designing, submissions, liasing with authorities, contractors, inspections etc will form part of the process. I think this is why architects are not too excited about it. Even if a good job is being done at the end of the day, there wont be any visual appreciation because everything is buried in the ground On the other hand, if what you have within your compound is just a drainage line, PUB does not have any conditions on how you want to reroute your line because ultimately, the maintenance, upkeep and repairs of such drainage line fall under the responsibility of the owner. Of course your plan submissions to BCA should indicate the new reworked line for the necessary approval. I have checked and the "sewage line" along the side of my house is actually a drainage line. In other words, the 2m stebacks, trenches etc are not applicable in my case. So my advice to owners or would be owners of such properties (if you have intention to build anything above the "sewage line"), buy a Sewage Interpretation Plan (SIP) online from NEA or check with the relevant authority (in this case PUB) by providing them the property address to see if your "sewage line" is indeed just a drainage line. This is first priority before any meaningful and conclusive discussions can be had on the topic. Hope this is useful to some of us. Cheers
  4. Hi Bunnymummy, The property I just bought is a 2 storey semi-D with a built-up of approx 2800sqft. My intention is to add another 1.5 story to make it 3.5 when done. I have met an architect and a "one stop shop" with my floorplan. The architect told me it will cost around $300 per sqft in addition to his fee of 7 to 10% for the house reconstruction alone. When asked about the possibility of having a lap pool, he remarked that from the plan, the ICs and sewage seem to run along the side of the house and it will cost hundreds of thousands to reroute it to accomodate the pool. My wife and I were pretty disappointed after hearing that. The one-stop-shop quoted me (off hand) $700k all in, with marble and timber strips flooring and the works for the house reconstruction. He also mentioned that to do a new erection, the cost is another $100k. When asked about the pool, he mentioned that rerouting the ICs and sewage line is a simple job that cost less than $10k. They are now doing a draft design and initial quote for me now. It made me wonder why is there such a big disparity. I will be talking to a few more architects and builders to get a better pespective on the prices and what can and cannot be done. From the quotes you received, it seems that what we got is probably the current market rate. Perhaps collective bargaining may get all of us a better deal if we can approach builders together. Will keep you posted. Cheers
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first post! I have been lurking here and learning a lot from you guys, so thank you all! I am also in the process of getting a contractor/ architect to redevelop or reconstruct my property. Have not decided yet. Hope to see threads like this being kept alive, so I am doing my bit by trying to contribute. Cheers!