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  1. Finally all photo below here....
  2. Loose Furniture We mostly buy at Local.. worry buy from taobao if the colour will different what we see at pic , so we go IMM , IKEA , Prestige Affair, Castlery to find what we want .. and below photo is in the end we buy the furniture
  3. Taobao part 2 sharing Here is total what I buy from taobao a lot of Frame and Pillow , pendant light, decoration bigger things only is 1 big mirror, one rabbit stool , and coffee table and carpet,
  4. No oh , both is inside the master bedroom , just second render drawing take out beside the full height wardrobe , then only can see clearly beside the dressing table ...didn't know down any wall below pic is 1 render drawing another one is on site photo
  5. Thanks still can walk space still have 70m
  6. 3d render from my Master Bedroom
  7. Thanks all is 48k (include Painting , Carpentry work , living special wall, 2 toilet overall tiles ,overall kitchen floor......)
  8. install cabinet + lighting+ Frame
  9. thanks will try to update by today
  10. And very thankful I at here get a lot knowledge for taobao shipping , so I use wechat to contact the shipping agent I remember is Rmb 400 for 一立方 and around 1 month already received all item , Pendant light and some glass item both is good , no spoil ! nice!
  11. here is some last time I take the photo on they start work period! actually we didn't change the floor tiles, our renovation work , only include painting ,kitchen floor overall , carpenter work ... and I remember our tv fridge all electric appliance spend around 10-15k some is use instalment : 2TV 1Fridge 1Dryer 1 Washine Machine Microwave Hood Oven Cooker
  12. this is our first time go to our home take the job site pic
  13. Hi , Im Michelle (Im using my fren account cos Im lazy to sign up a new account so nvm at here im calling Kelly ) Anyone this is our first home , and actually already finish renovation about 1 years ,now already free to do a write up .. hope write at here can be my good memory and records this 4 room bto is from 2014 Jan and when I take the key is at 2017 June and this home is design by me and my husband ( he is designer , and im 3d visualizer ) so design is me and him do together and taobao is I go choose all the things then he is doing jobsite manage July 2017 Start work and after September 2017 We already move in ... below is our home layout plan
  14. anyone got news from hdb? http://www.btohq.com/bto-top-tracker 94% but haven yet receive any mail from hdb