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  1. yep, i stay in a condo, everything was hacked down and re-built.
  2. What's ID? Approximately 350k for the whole renovation... the renovater kept pushing blames away. For an example, our floor plan supposedly had power sockets in all the toilets however the renovater forgotten/overlooked on installing them hence all the toilets now did not have any sockets. Then, he tried to say the floorplan did not inc sockets in the toilets and then saying sockets were not allowed in toilets. After much negotiation, he agreed to compensate about 500-600 for each toilet.
  3. Good Morning all, I've recently renovated my apartment, it included hacking away all previous walls etc so it took approximately 7 months to complete the project. However, some problems seem to be surfacing such as cracked marble pieces, painted doors are chipping or having dents on them. Anybody has any idea what action can be taken against the renovater because for some of the cases it pretty impossible to remove the tiles/marbles and replace them etc... Would appreciate any help on this.