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  1. WAH!! thats fast! Mine will be over by 1st week of may... the flooring and all is done...now is just the kitchen cabinets...but my kitchen is freaking small!!(seriously stupid design!!i cant believe hdb assumes young ppl dont cook anymore!) I am using solid surface so it will take time to get it delivered to my place...but should be ready soon!! kinda excited... on a whole i paid $11,800 for my 5 rm reno...i dont need to do bathrooms coz it has already been done for us...n kitchen wall tiles already done... so its just flooring n cabinets(kitchen). so yours is a resale flat? big kitchens are nice!! can do wet & dry area!! my dream!
  2. At the end of it... We didnt take both contractors from our close contacts as we didnt want misunderstanding or probs (as things got blown out of proportions from his side!!) so we both ended up going to -. I will private you the company name of the big project one...
  3. One of the places is E-lite Reno. The other one from my close contact is someone who usually does big projects and not hdb. but if you want you can PM me...i can get you the company's contact.
  4. One of the places is E-lite Reno. The other one from my close contact is someone who usually does big projects and not hdb.
  5. Hi everyone, can anyone share their review/feedback or experience of working with Classic idea renovation & interior? Also has anyone worked with Arisen interior decoration contractors?
  6. Hi people, I am new here. I had recently bought a 5-rm bto from sales of balanced flat. My husband and i are looking to do our floor tiling and kitchen first, then slowly the rest of the house in phases due to financial constrains. The 1st contractor we meet quoted us $12670 only for tiles(for the whole house including rooms and kitchen) and kitchen cabinet(10ft top only), aluminium sliding door, hob/stove area concrete with tiles support(the super old fashioned one!) but after some bargaining it was brought down to $11k. Then I suggested to look for another option and through a very close contact i found someone who can do my kitchen with full 20Ft plus cabinet and a Corian solid surface top all for $11500 (the price was given due to my close contact). But my husband has no confident in solid surface top!! If you were in this situation which one wld you go for?