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  1. Just sth to share. I think its very difficult to tell you whether 30k is able to do up what you listed on top as it involves different materials and measurements and only upon seeing the floor plan and understanding your requirements then only your ID is able to quote you. because thats what i asked previously when i was renovating my house and realised that they cannot quote me an estimation because they need to understand my requirements first. Anw, I have my house done up already and my initial quotation from an ID firm was also around 30K so i source around with several ID firms and the best I got was around 25k along with some freebies. You should try calling my ID (mich yip) from K*l**d* spamming ID firm interior for comparative rates as my cousin was the one who recommended me to her. Alternatively, can source around for more ID firm and ask them to match your rates.
  2. Wanted to engage contractor to do my house at first but Hiring a ID is so much better since they "ba ga Liao" for us and even threw in free 3D designs( and freebies if youre singaporean enough to bargain like me lol) If you're tight on schedule and have abit more to spare, jus hire ID to do the job. Still am very satisfied with my house done by my ID
  3. Nowadays alot of ID companies are hiring those without an experience. I have friends who are in this line that started with no experience and now doing pretty not bad. You can try going job site to source
  4. I think better to refrain white (matt/ glossy) for kitchen. Over the years, I believe it will change to a more dirty yellow kind of color? But my room wardrobe is white, And so far so good! Jus my two cents worth
  5. My cousin recommended me to K*l**d* spamming ID firm interior last year when I wanted to re-do my house. Total budget was about 30k but as a Singaporean, I nego my way with my ID (michelle yip) to about 25k below with freebies! Still pretty nice and patient even though I kept bargaining for more lol