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  1. You cannot get free shipping for Kraus sink. The Amazon free shipping must be over USD125 but under 20lbs. The sink is WAAAAAY over 20 lbs.
  2. I'm quite ok with it. Once in a while I have to press it to stick it back firmly. It's doesn't slip everyday or very often so it works although to be honest I've used those plastic sponge holder from shops in the market in my previous house and I almost never had to press them down to stick back. But I don't know whether it is because my old sink was solid top material so sticks better. But this simple human one looks nice, can hold at least 2 sponges and has a brush holder so I think is also good.
  3. Hi daphne17 When they install the sink and if you do the countertop overhang, don't install with the sink bottom grid inside the sink. Just in case the overhang is too much and end up the sink grid cannot be taken out. I didn't tell my ID how much to overhang I just let them decide and just nice I can still use the sink grid. I was prepared that maybe I cannot use like some of the others who have bought the Kraus sinks. the sponge holder is a Simple Human sponge holder. It has 2 suction cups that you use to "stick" onto the sink to keep it there. You can find it at HomeFix stores or buy on Amazon. I bought mine on Amazon. The Cleansui filter is $900+. You can contact them through their website and order the tap you want then tell them which Best Denki outlet you want to collect from and pay at. The Best Denki outlets only carry the attach to faucet filters, tumbler filters and limited selection of tap filters on display so if you are interested in their tap system it's probably best to contact the distributor directly. They will also be able to send you all the specs and measurements so that your contractor know how big a hole to cut for the filter.
  4. Hi hi! I'm really sorry to those who directed some messages to me asking about my Kraus sink and I didn't reply. The last 2 months have been really crazy with the reno and moving! My bad....I hope someone answered your qns. Anyway my Kraus sink was installed with a slight overhang of the quartz top so that you cannot see the silicon edge. I can still use the bottom grid which is great because it protects the base of the sink. I absolutely LOVE the that the sink is deep and wide. It looks great and sounds awesome (a nice dull thud). Been installed for about a month plus now and so far no issues with rust spots or anything. Here are some photos (I hope this works).. the faucet is a KrizRoz one from Hoe Kee and the water filter is a Cleansui one
  5. Selling brand new still in box BoConcept Black Kuta floor lamp. http://www.boconcept.com/zh-sg/accessories/lamps/lamps/floor-lamps/6782/kuta-floor-lamp We ordered while renovations were ongoing but after renovations complete and furniture moved in, realise there is no space for the lamp. So have to let go. Lamp retails for SGD585. Selling mine for SGD500 (self pick up in the East). Please PM me if interested.
  6. My Kraus arrived in only 5 days! Amazingly fast....it looks really good...I'm slightly taken aback by how big it is! But it sounds awesome..
  7. The Kraus 30" just came back in stock!
  8. Thanks Vanessa! The husband really likes the more rectangular undermount ones. So I'm going to keep checking everyday to see if the 30" rectangle one is back in stock until I absolutely cannot wait anymore
  9. Not close to completion. I still have quite a bit of time. Haven't even take keys yet. But once I get the keys the work must hussle because I need to move out of my current place quickly. Amazon got no indication of when the stock will be in....I guess I have to check every day! But I need to decide on back up in the meantime... What I'm really loving is also how deep the Kraus sinks are. The ones I have found so far in Singapore are all about 200mm. The deepest I saw is a Rubine one at 228mm. http://www.rubine.com.sg/products/proddetail.aspx?ID=64&CateID=16 But I can't find a display of this Rubine sink so cannot tap tap for myself and feel if it's good. I really don't like the hollow clanging sound of normal SS sinks.
  10. Hee...cos I plan to undermount so it seems like a no-turning-back decision. I've been searching and thinking about kitchen sink for months! Granite..stainless steel..granite...stainless steel...blanco, rubine, franke...headache sia..
  11. I really want to get the Kraus 30" or 32" but it's out of stock from Amazon! I'm not sure if I can wait until there is stock again I contemplated a Franke sink but the Europe made ones are too expensive. The salesgirl recommended me to get a GeoCeram stainless steel sink instead and said material is the same as the cheaper China made Franke so more worth it to get the GeoCeram one. She said it was a local brand and locally made. The geo ceram sink was about $600 for a 700+mm size one. Has anyone heard of this brand and whether the SS sinks are good? Compare with Rubine? If I can get the Kraus I think that's what I want but if no stock I have to figure out alternative! Stressss.. Thanks!