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  1. Dear all, my apologies for the disappearance. I forgotten to apply for network and my internet has just been restored. Will provide an update after I settle down.
  2. Finally the false ceiling is completed. Bay Window at BR2 Ceiling at BR2 Relocation of the wardrobe MBR MBR False Ceiling at MBR False Ceiling **** Room
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    8 MBR

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    7 BR2

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    6 LivingRoom

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    5 LivingRoom

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    4 MBR

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    3 MBR

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    2 BR2

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    1 BR2

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  11. Hi Beng, I have just met up with Vincent on Sunday and have decided to engage him. with the same material, his price is easily cheaper by around 20% as compared to others. I say this because I did some sourcing and found that his price is the cheapest and the impression he gives is very trustworthy. Will update on my reno blog on his workmanship. Hopes this helps.
  12. I have also engage Vincent for the curtain. Hopefully the results are good. Today they finally completed the False Ceiling and painting will start tomorrow.
  13. Actually the renovation started last week, here are some of the photo taken before I disappear. Dining Area Walkway Living Area Living Area Bedroom2 Bedroom2 MBR
  14. Hi all, me bad, one week never update.... Choo2Kings, the overall charges is about 29k, electrical works are not included. Things that are included are: 1. TV feature wall cum fridge cabinet at the dining area. 2. Cushion seats at the bay window of the dining area, Bedroom2 and MBR. 3. Full height and length TV console/feature wall cum storage at the living area. 4. Shifting and re-erecting of the wardrobe at bedroom2. 5. Custom made bunk bed at bedroom2. 6. Half height TV console at MBR. 7. False ceiling for whole unit. 8. Timber cover for the planter area at both the balcony. 9. Divider at dining area. 10. Altar I would say the price is a bit ex...
  15. As I am quite lazy, I decided not to use crystal lightings for my living, I choose this instead. Initially I wanted to have a fan at the balcony, but all the fans that I have chosen is too big and I have just decided to use downlight throughout my unit. This is how the light looks like. It is a philips Down light and I bought it as it is having promotion.
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    Flora Lamp

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    Led downlight

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  18. Here is the finalised 3D diagram from my ID. Kitchen Area - the piece of divider is not my ID's idea. It is the consequential results of Feng Sui, so my ID is only doing damage control and try to make things look better. Living Room This is what makes me decide to go with my ID. I simply love the way the bunk bed looks. Not sure whether it is ok to post price here, so I better dun reveal how much is the cost. Some of you may be wondering why I did not post the selection process of the ID. Well, I thought that is partially related to personal preference and since may affect the IDs, I shall not reveal what happens during the process. However, if at the end of the renovation and the effect is good, I am more willing to share my ID's contact with you, provided he does a good job.
  19. Thanks HL85 and Bengologist. :-) Pardon me if the pictures are not very well taken. Here goes: View of Main Entrance From Kitchen Kitchen Area from the Living Room Kitchen Area view from the Main Entrance Living Room Walkway to bedrooms Child's Room Parents Room MBR Entrance MBR To be frank, I am a bit disappointed at the size of the bedrooms. It is so small......
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    Work started 8

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    Work started 7

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    Work started 6

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    Work started 5

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    Work started 4

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