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  1. sorry for the late reply. yeah they are going great... powers from 1-5... we hardly go more than power 2. power 3 and above and its spins really fast and does generate some noise. even at power 2, its generates some noise but its acceptable.... its doing quite well for a fan that costs about $179 only.... haha
  2. thanks! they are call Vessel, designed by samuel wilkinson. You can get them at Grafunkt for 500 - 600++, can't rememeber the costs. 2 vessels light gives a very "romantic" lighting when we wanna chill at night.... its not enough if you have guest and need proper lighting. but we also have a track with 3 downlights for proper lighting when we need it.
  3. sorry for the late reply, I have not logged in for more than a year. we did not have any issues with peranaken tiles... but they are surprisingly thick, about 1 cm... so need to take that into cosiderations. I am not sure if they are from vietnam, but i do not think they are hand painted. they do stain over time if you are not careful. but over all its ok
  4. sorry for the late reply, I have not logged in for more than a year. yeah too exp to put outdoor. recenly we went to graunkt again and realise they have changed the wood tecture. its more refined now and less raw/industrial.... we prefered it more raw like what we have now.
  5. thanks! I will post some updates when i have the chance to take more photos
  6. i am so sorry..... it turns out photobucket provides only 10GB bandwidth a month..... and with so many people browsing the photos.... all 10GB were used up in 2 weeks! the photos should show themselves again on 20th July when photobucket allocates another 10GB.... nothing I can do.....
  7. wow... i am very impressed with your blog!.... very detailed and still being updated after 4 years.... you really got the stamina
  8. i cannot really remember.... I think it was $600 - $800
  9. haha..... i only have experience designing my own house.... you folks dare to hire meh? :notti:
  10. we did not pay for ID, my wife and I are designers..... so we came up with the designs ourselves