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  1. In addition to the above mattress, we have also gotten ourselves some WMF pots...(Saw some renotalkers buying and was poisoned by them too) There are a few different type of sets..Some have 3 per set, 4 per set or even 7 per set...And on top of that, different department stores have different set combination.. After recceing most of the department stores, we got the one from OG. (Which I tink is only exclusive to OG).. On top of this, we have also gotten ourselves some bedsheets, and bedsheets, and still, bedsheets... Not exaggerating but we have literally gotten about 4sets of King size and Single size each.. The price of bedsheets are juz too overkill if its without any discount...No choice...
  2. Thanks...erm brought a sealy king size mattress at 2.7k consider is a bargain for me. i am going to buy fridge, oven and washing machine from kong tai electrical trading...is much cheaper price..previously I also brought some electrical from them..
  3. Thanks...its at jw.. No transformation lah..juz that its in original condition...no choice everything have to go.. Anyway, still waiting for updated layout and 3d pics...will post once they are out.. We hav also started our shopping spree early so as to take advantage of the GSS!! (Kiasu rite..lol)
  4. Yesterday we went to select tiles for the house.Darren is really helpful and 细心 .He will place the tiles on the floor and do the matching color for it. He even go to the extend take a wet cloth and squeeze water on the tiles and ask us to test and touch whether is it slippery or not. We did not see other pple doing this.He is like shopping in the market kind . The tiles selection as follows : - The left side is for the main balcony. Top right for the lvl 1 toilet and bottom right for the access balcony/foyer. Left: kitchen, Right: living/dining Top: all the bedrooms, Bottom left: common toilet and finally, bottom right is the master toilet
  5. Like others, we have gone thru the tiring & painful process of ID selection for the past 2 months. We went to a total of approx 10 IDs.to From those famous firms to renotalk forum recommend ID.Only 2 ID is really to our liking. 1 is really a designer company and she is really good in her design but her pricing is not within our budget. Thumb up for her design . The 1 we confirm with is Plush Living Darren.He is the last ID i went to.His quotation might not be the most cheapest nor expensive. The main reason i choose him because he is the only 1 can have heart telepathy with my husband. (note : my ang is a very picky person) His pricing i can consider is competitive with other firms.
  6. The journey has come for us to move on and no matter where we move we are always at the west that's explain our topic. This is our floor plan and will be collecting key in the coming Aug. The house can be considered to be in its original condition and I'm not so lucky like other fellow EM owners who can retain their flooring (Both floors' flooring have to go.. )