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  1. Hi Regen, I had send you an email. Please check, sry for the delay.
  2. Hi Syling, can I have your email address? I do not have the pm function in this forum.
  3. Hi Jiang Cheng, I had email you, please check. you can slowly read through the thread. There is Instagram and register licences number in the thread. Cheers!
  4. Hi Everyone, it been a long time after busy with my 2nd new house reno. ( my first house designer also Alvin Aw) who is the designer for my new house ...........ALVIN AW!!!!(Clapping) Finally My New house reno is completed, First i want to thank you Alwin Aw for his muilt effort to completed the project within 2 months. Given him a short time, i had to find another place to stay for this 2 months. The Aftermath was WOW!!!!! as you can see the picture before and after, it was a total transformation of the house. My whole family was in full of happy tears, it is a dream house for my family. I want to thank his crew members in hacking, plastering,carpentry, plainting, plumbing,Flooring ,windows, windows grilles, electrical, aircon and cleaning. His crew member is awesome, which some of them is from my first punggol house. All cabinet works are done in-house.The alightment is highly power which i was impress by their workmanship and speed. Alvin had recommend a few shop to buy our lighting (chan huat lighting) n toliet (Wasser bath) accessories which is good lobang and fashion Alvin is always very responsive(even at night, i disturb him lol....) and he will try to find a solution to the issues that crop up suddenly. He even help me to setup my ancestor tablet after many trips of searching for the L shape stainless steel bar to hold the whole wooden board. Millions of thank you!!! Same as before,There is no hidden costs at all.Everything was explained clearly before hand. items can be add or remove and charge us at cost from the suppliers. Electrical power socket and lighting installation is pre-design so the cost can be know faster. Last minutes add in some lighting , alwin aw purchase the lighting for us personally. My family are super happy that Alvin Aw and his crew who did their best to make our house so beautiful and cozy. My highly recommendation to you all is Alvin Aw from matrix concept, confirm steady one! Dun need to think liao, Just give him a call and meet up.😄 Find him below link https://www.instagram.com/matrix_concept/
  5. jejuSnow, email me at ccchua22@yahoo.co.uk. i still cannot use pm function.