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  1. sorry all for the anti-climax. i thot my reno wld be completed by the 1st wk of nov. but it is not to be in the end. a lot of delays caused the whole reno to come to a total stand still for abt 1 and a half weeks. my ID took so long to get the wood samples for the balcony platform, then when we finally chose the wood, the supplier call to say no more stock. aiya, the whole thing just drove me crazy. :( so now am waiting for the newly chosen wood to be delivered, the water heater, the lights and think at the moment the walls are being painted over. haiz. now maybe the earliest we can get the flat done is end nov. thankfully we are not in that much of a hurry to get it back. *SIGH*
  2. woah! nice layout! is this lengkok bahru? not easy to find a flat at this area. :)
  3. okie. here is the floor plan. hopefully big enuff to be seen properly without you guys becoming pa-jiao.
  4. finally finally finally!! my house reno has started and hopefully, by 3rd Nov 2008 it will be done!! it should be fast cos' we aren't doing much to the house. think when guests come, you can hear their voices echo..echo...echo... but nmind. think we will slowly fill the place up as time goes by . hee.. feel so grown up to have a place of my own. here are some pics of the initial works. master toilet. i love the longish tiles. makes the toilet look bigger study area.. well it is supposed to be a balcony but we're putting up a wooden platform and converting it into a study. hee... view of living room from the dining area view of the dining room from the living room. check out my retro doors. haha. those will haf to go!! anyone wants my retro lights also?? kekeke can see that little opening at the right hand side? that's the entrance to the kitchen kitchen!! i thought it was big when i first saw the flat. but as time goes by, it seems to get smaller and smaller. maybe i got tunnel-vision. hahaha. but anyway, here it is. they made the walls so smooth. feel like keeping it that way. colour looks nice enough for me, but my piggy thinks its too raw for him. so gotta paint still... think i finally got the hang of posting pictures at the correct size. super kang kor to keep trying. almost gave up . haha
  5. woah! that's the biggest hdb flats i've come across!!! congrats nath.adrie! on both house n wedding . hope to see more pics on the reno progress. .
  6. hi angel. thanks. but i reeeaaallly dun like it. haha. i even scanned the pic of how i want my wardrobe doors to look like but come out like that. sigh. i know my pic all very very small, but i dunno how to enlarge it leh. can teach me nano? then i can repost them again in bigger sizes. hee.. yah lor. my piggy also said that my id just pluck the pics from someone else and give us cos he is rushing. but not ethical mah! nmind. tomolo we will mit up to trash things out again. hope to post the proper designs soon! akan datang!
  7. just got three 3d drawings from my ID. but sooooooooo disappointing!! it is COMPLETELY not what we discussed!! really wan to him already!!!! but still i will put up the pics here in case some of you think it's nice. hahahahahaha the study is not even the same as my original floor plan!!! sooooooooooooooooooo sad
  8. it's been eons since i last posted something! my blog has been lost somewhere down the list. hehehe. but it's ok. next month onwards will be very HOT cos i will be starting my RENO!!! yay! but jus wanna ask if anyone out there who have had the experience of changing yr minds about things like putting up of partitions or installing of aircons in extra rooms... that sort of thing as you were in the middle of renovating yr flat. like that your contractor will 'pei he' or will they just say 'earlier never say. now then wan. too late lah' anyway, here are 2 of my dream bedframes... second fav... kinda boring i know. but i like it simple. kekeke
  9. i accidentally started a new topic.. how do i cancel this?? sorryyyy!!!!
  10. sorry, that is the biggest the layout can go liao. sigh. but yah. it does haf 2 balconies. though now haf headache on what to do with it. haha. cos the afternoon sun shines down on the area and can be very hot there. wanted to convert it into a laundry area but also like not very nice... hai.. nmind. tok abt nicer things.. i loved the toilets cos the windows are quite big and makes the whole area very bright. oh and for apple, here's a pic of the balcony... just a small space that we intend to extend with a raised platform. haven't decided if we shld still continue to make this into a study area...
  11. thanks for all the encouragement! was out of action for a while cos' just went through my chemo cycle. managed to choose a gown for the wedding! yay! even bought a pair of ballerina like shoes to match. hee. now before my energy is sapped, i better go update my reno blog. will post some pics of my gown when i go for my first fitting next wk!!
  12. hee... yup. it's marble. so save a lot of $$$$$ on flooring for reno . i tried to make the floorplan bigger, but like cannot lei.. do u know how to enlarge it apple?? sorry ah very techno dinosaur here. but just to show a close up of the marble floor, here it is... kekekeke
  13. you haf a beautiful layout! and work started soo fast!! so jealous. haha. waiting to see more pix!!! just noticed something strange though.. the previous owner put the air con compressor INSIDE the house???
  14. Thank you BunBun. BTW, i replied your post in my other thread. kekeke. you give very good advice . i will take heed when choosing my gown. yup. marble is durable and HEAVY!! that's why my dad adviced against buying. he says once i buy, very hard to get rid of cos' it's too heavy to move it. i will think on it again cos i like it soooo much i even dream of it! haha yup. it is a resale flat. it's not at meiling st. it's in rumah tinggi. (dunno if i spell correctly. kekeke). meiling flats are waaaay out of our budget!!!
  15. haha. oh no.. i dun haf that much hair BunBun. it is more like 1mm to 1.5mm. not enough to style at all. also, with each session of chemo i go through, it will drop constantly, so i look like a monk almost all the time. i transfered my blog to the t-blog cos i think most pple visit there instead of the proper blog. hee. hope i'm easier to find now.