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  1. We engaged this firm for our wallpaper and are very disappointed. Firstly, they neglected to tell us from the get go that the finishing will be bad owing to the uneven surface where the wallpaper were to be stick on. As a result, there are "bubbles" after sticking. More importantly, the handiwork is very poor. Wallpaper that were stick on have edges are not straight; there are even peeling. They were probably very rough while doing the final finishing resulting in the sharp edge of their finishing equipment to hit onto the plaster ceiling and cause localized cracks. They even did not bother to be careful with the glue such that traces of glue were left in plain sight. They were not helpful to make suggestions on how to optimize the number of rolls resulting in wastage as more number of rolls would generate more profit for their job. They charged us SGD550 for sticking a wallpaper on area of about 2.5mX3m. We believe they are overpriced but we took up their services anyway as we wanted to get started on the renovation immediately together with the other parts of the ID (this contractor was recommended by our ID contractor). We hope to share with the rest what we experience so that potential persons looking to renovate can make an informed decision if encounter this firm and we sincerely hope this firm will improve on their service.