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  1. Hi Yolo, your house looks great. By the way would you be able to share the reno quotation and the total amount you spent all in by email? Cfengnet@hotmail.com 

    also hope you could share your curtain contact. Thanks

  2. Papaya Vintage Shop Location: Soi Lat Pharo 55/2, Lat Pharo Road Wang Thong Lamg, Bangkok 10310 I took a taxi from my hotel.. the place is not near the train station.. so best is to take taxi..
  3. Hi, go to talad rod fai night market.. u can google how to go there. Its near seacon square. Tons of vintage stuff.. but most seller dont speak english and u have to settle the shipping yourself. But wide variety there and plenty cool stuff. If i have not bought my dining table and sofa before i went bkk, would have bought them there. Another good place is a warehouse kind of shop called papaya. The owner/salesman is a singaporean. So he can speak mandarin/english. They can also help to ship to your door. He even told me stores like lorgans/likethatone in singapore get their stuff from them.
  4. Hi, the sofa was a display piece, so got it at a bargain for $2k. Usual price is $3900. Go to carousell and search for the seller luxurylivingpteltd.. they got different design etc. The barber chair was from bangkok. The chair itself was around $800-900 but to ship back was another $1k.. so total cost was around 1.8k.. best to ship multiple big items to save cost.. ship 1 item not worth it. Anyway barber chair can try looking at gumtree or carousell.. once in a while got some selling. But mostly are takara.. i bought this cos its by belmont. Abit more rare.. haha
  5. Bought mine from choo chiang marketing, woodlands branch http://ccm.sg/www/
  6. Hi, you can search H2O interior renovation on facebook and look at his past completed projects. You can find his mobile number there too. Good luck in your reno..
  7. hi, i only bought the 1m and 2m tracks from the eunos store.. the lights for the tracks are from 2by2 store. Actually Tracks u can buy from anywhere..i bought another one for my passageway at jalan besar for $15.. the eunos store is near the eunos mrt, its after the hawker, beside a bicycle shop, a small store selling led lighting. 1m- $8 2m-16
  8. No.. i didn't get mine from jb..mine is from my contractor. From what i read in other t-blog, this guy liase with the jb salesperson to meet at the shell petrol station near the checkpoint. If you're buying alot, make sure bring 2 or 3 car cos its heavy..
  9. Hi, its from jalan besar. Near hoe kee there.. shop name is x-clusive. 1m track $15 (i bought in eunos even cheaper $8) Each track light is $18 (no bulbs) They also have other different design of track lights..
  10. Hi, the track light at the bedroom passageway is 1 meter long, i put 3 lights. Its E27 type so i can buy any bulbs/wattage. Im using philips bulb 11w, very bright. Can light up whole room. The track light at my brick wall is 3m long, i put 4 lights. Those are warm white, 3 or 4watt only. So its not bright.. its to shine against the brick wall.. The oval light on wall is grey metal casing with glass. Made in europe bunkers. But u can source for white/black coloured plastic ones. Saw them at carousell or hardware shops.. The bulb holder inside is using E27 also, so u can choose put white or warm white bulbs inside..
  11. Hi, brand is craftstone, color is california. My brick wall is 18ft Long and it cost $3.2k If you have the time and transport.. u can purchase them yourself from their factory in JB. 110RM per carton i think. (Used to be 85rm) And get the appointed installer (Z L construction pte ltd) to lay the bricks for you. But now malaysia already implement the GST, so not sure if its worth it do so..
  12. Nice.. belmont or takara? Im looking for the cigarette compartment on the armrest..