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  1. haha..I m from blk A. you should be getting your key soon right?
  2. Hi , is at boon lay grove. Pm you ..!
  3. thanks ! have Pm you already..!
  4. work have started , Am glad that most of the basic works ( kerbs , false ceiling/L box , extra power points ) are done... My 2nd shipment of Taobao loots will be arriving in 2 days , & Lights will be up by this week.... woohoo! Looking forward to that..
  5. We have more or less finalized the 3Ds drawing. Amended pic as below ; TV Console ( will be taking away the extra woofer box - left side) Kitchen ( will be adding in black glass backing ) Wardrobes (both rooms)
  6. Here you go .. http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=17622420438
  7. Thanks Winger! Is just for show ..lol Actual tiles are the normal white tiles given by HDB...not doing any additional tiling..
  8. while waiting for key collection , we started ordering from TAOBAO. Goods arrived recently ... these were the amount of stuff we ordered. Some of the big items ordered - Dining Lights Bathroom Taps Mirrors Kitchen Tap Looking forward to the 2nd batch arriving next week....
  9. Hi Beginner, Is actually same height as the normal ones , just that the black colored portion create an effect that you think the top part is only the white color portion. Anyway ,the color combination is not what I wanted also ,I have already told my ID to change the whole thing to white with black top. Thanks for commenting .
  10. Thing we want to do : ( Black / White / Grey color combination ) Something to block the view from outside (main door) Kitchen Cabinet Dining area mirror Tv Console w/feature wall False ceiling Waredrobe for Bedroom 2 & Master Bedroom Vanity shower screen for both toilets Window grillesWe started sourcing for IDs since May with a tight budget in mind...after going to 4-5 IDs, we finally decide to engage this current ID . Below are the 1st 3D drawing given by him. Living Room Bedroom 2 Master Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom **The 3ds look good ! But please only look at the stuffs we will be doing , the rest of the items in the 3ds are for decor purpose .. ** Anyway dont really like the design of wardrobes & TV console , have asked ID to amend...pending for 2nd draft.
  11. Collected keys & open door on 03/08/2013 Raw Pics..