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  1. I am a home owner who had unfortunately installed dorma door closer and engaged SNK door contractor to install my doors. The dorma door closer spoils really easily and after 2-3 years of use, it failed me. When I requested them to come down to troubleshoot what went wrong, they tell me to rip out the original door closer and reinstall a new one at full cost. This is even before try to find out what is the problem. For your info, such door closers are not lasting at all. It is a total waste of money installing this. In the end, they admitted that only one spare part is spoilt and there is no need to change the whole door closer. The salesman who tells me to install a new one is a creep. But the installers came and did more damage than good. First they scratch the arm with their plier, then it causes serious misalignment to the door. When contacted, the Dorma installer said it was not as fault - which in the end I found out it was the door closer causing the misalignment. They insisted I call the door contractor - which is SNK door also known as S&K door or SK door to realign the door. It was a huge mistake, cause the door contractor ripped and cracked my door frame with his foolish hands. And the boss at SNK door refuses to send his other workers to rectify my issue for me and called me names on the phone. Can you imagine how I as a consumer would feel? Moral of the story - do not engage these two companies. Photos of the damage can be found on my blog here http://www.woollycroak.com/2016/06/bad-review-of-dorma-and-snk-solid-wood.html
  2. I called ADT, Certis Cisco and Chubb. The customer service at Certis Cisco is appalling. I called them on Monday to make an appointment for them to come down to give me a quotation. The customer service woman said they could only call me back after 48 hours. So I waited. But because I already took leave on Wednesday so I wanted them to confirm the apt fast, I called them again on Tuesday to ask them to give them to call me soon. The woman at the customer service gave me a snide remark and said 'Didn't I tell you we can only call you back after 48 hours?' What's the use of her handling the hotline if she is not able to make appointments for me right? I really see no rationale in giving her a salary and ask other people to call me back, which never happened. I decided if they cannot even arrange an appointment to come down to give a quotation and the service from their hotline is so rude, they do not need my business. Imagine if the alarm goes off or your house gets broken into, the customer service tells you, "I can only get back to you after 48hours". So ridiculous right? I called ADT and Chubb about my urgent request and the customer service at least reassured me someone will call me by today.
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