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  1. The progress so far after tiling work started on 21/10/13, seems rather impressive to me. hehe The plastering work already started...
  2. Sorry Mel13, I've no contact. It's my ID carpenter or you want to speak to my ID instead?
  3. In AMK.. More images coming up. Being busy past few days but today is the 4th day of my tiling work and the progress is stunning. See next post for image
  4. Hacking in progress.. started on wed and today all clean clean.
  5. Attached some images update, before the hacking starts.
  6. The number starts with 4... major of the cost is in built in carpentry items. all rooms..
  7. Thanks, It's a 5 room flat. Heehehe, the location is indeed expensive. I will be uploading images of the process periodically and since my work is outdoor so i can visit the place more frequent than usual. Very exciting now.
  8. Times is clicking fast and we are really close to our key collection. Over the weekend, we went for a whole day outdoor event from morning to evening to settle our tiles, lightings, kitchen accessories & bathroom sanitary wares as well as selection of all other materials required so as to be ready for our reno works. All necessary application for demolition had been cleared from HDB by our ID. I will say everything is moving accordingly to our schedule and my ID is ready too. Just to share, if you can do your selection on weekday it will be better as there is lesser crowd. Attached is our selection of tiles as well as finalized 3D drawing copyright of Christopher Lee from Inspire by dtrenzo. Tiles 3D Drawings
  9. Hi, I've been reading the forum all along and never did registered an account. Since i'm free sometimes and busy at times. I though of doing a blog so that i can join the community to be more engage. Guess by taking the first step to register an account can make me contribute my journey. In actual, I'm collecting my keys to my resale flat this month!! My plan as below http://renotalk.com/forum/uploads/gallery_56744_3_113097.jpg