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  1. i just tried... connection is slow on their website and no response to my attempted calls on either nrs... hence, a Ticket requesting their response was submitted with brief details... I will await their reply then... Time to hit the hammock...
  2. No I have not contacted Louis. I have since been bogged with removals and inventorization of my items stored at my Shurgard facility which suffered some bad rainwater leaks from the 3rd Floor and got to mine on the ground floor since last weekend heavy downpour by us. :( I'm now still up at around 04:00 and just found time to check & browse the Net since Monday when I had to inspect the damage on my unit and items stored there. If I can still stave off another 30 mins, I will call Louis after this... So, I'll be back hopefully by this weekend as I'm going back to my storage facility as it is far from over despite spending daily some 8 - 10 hrs clearing and relocating into a better & drier unit.
  3. I'm still looking for the right & reliable source that is competent in the market, supply and installation on double-glazing for my HDB flat. I found one after visiting the website and was satisfied after delving further at their printed reviews but after a good month of direct contact and arrangements made which involves somewhat, I came away disappointed from their (in) competency and esp. on their lack for commitment despite my efforts going to lengths to secure a good understanding on the issue (while it's their specialty and yet...??? - daft & duhhhh) and costly too when I involve my POA acting on my behalf and time matter$$$ as anyone in SG knows very well. Anyway, I need a new option for a serious quote and hopefully, is competent both in the English language (aren't registered businesses supposedly expected to be proficient in English in SG???) and in their installation expertise on this field. I am now less incline on a fancy website, it stays / proves deceiving! If their spoken English is VERY poor (expect a Chinaman SGporean with little commitment & service support experience) and follow-up being slow to beingas low as poor, skip them & look for another competent source instead. I almost had triple glazing installed in my Dutch home as initial preference but eventually opted for double as the company was also a leading installer on this field and technology and it spared me a huge savings when the job was completed. In Holland, unlike Austria or Sweden where my friends has theirs with triple glazing, SG conditions is unsuitable and ineffective to have it unless, you have just TOO MUCH $$$$ to spent and foolishly too for not doing yr DD on the fundamental remuneration gain thru double and/or triple glazing in a location to counter off temperature preservation and loss. Sound proofing can be integrated but comes at a hefty pricetag and the depth or thickness of theentire frame involved may exceed extremely beyond the HDB allowance to be granted the permit. I wish mine to be fully implemented incl. that of both bathrooms and with anti mozzyscreens that are easily detachable too for maintenance to it and easy access to cleaning the windows safely from within by the household Maid without having to climb out or engage a window cleaner for the weekly service. I noted the contact nr of a Mr Louis shared by "mummydolphin", my appreciation on this. I hope he is still in service. More options are welcome naturally for a good quote and the freedom to select the best choice Contractor for the job I have in mind for the best contract agreed on. A lightly tinted glass added is also my preference to shade off the glare. Does anyone joining in this interesting awareness surrounding double-glazing of the home, has more input to share? All I can provide for now is whatever is available and applied in Europe with its own building standards and norms, defers somewhat to Asian Standards hence, local Standards has to be first understood and considered seriously while comparing among the available options to finding a good Installer or Contractor is not like when one buys a fancy local dish at just any Food Court... its a specialised Field and it can be costly and regrettable when selecting the wrong Contractor in haste.
  4. Oops... some some errors errors spotted but have now amended / edited them.
  5. I think it is a fair service to expect and to maintain the quality of commitment by the Agent in that respect. Being the go between, as Representative and perhaps the best person on all issues to immediately address & handle when concerning Govt to Legal topics. I engage one too who is my trusted POA as well as my RE Agent and she takes care on almost "everything" on my behalf to secure my interests as well as for the tenant. I have a reliable and most trusted Agent cum POA and she's a Specialist too on the RE market which is my good fortune to have. Tenant and me pay 50% each on the Prof. fees in every renewal of the lease albeit a 1-yr to 5-yr contract term.