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  1. Hi Tiramisu, Pls email yr floor plan, requiremts fr living rm in detail to marketing@curtainz.biz. A designer will be assigned to respond to yr enquiry.
  2. Curtainz/CTZ Design just joined as member yesterday after being alerted by our legal adviser to reply the above comments. Our 3 separate clients have agreed to communicate if ElectronZ or HennyLee wishes to verify the authentity. Kindly contact : Hunnibunni via Skype, send PM messages to Retrochichi at her facebook Elaine Wong and also thru PM messages to Vivien Lee. We would like to emphasize that being a boutique sized growing company, very often CTZ IDs seek client's testimonials for the best interest of the company as well as the ID's track records. CTZ Design intends to take legal action against HennyLee for defamation. His contact will be tracked down via Renotalk admin who are managing this portal professionally. His story about CTZ collecting $800 deposit from his friend and they getting them back through small claims tribunal is totally unfounded. In all our presentations, it is projected on slides and explained that all packages launched by vendors are not refundable should owners decided to abort deal. CTZ Design did not receive more than $300 from each signed ups and clients who signed up on the spot were given complimentary gift/cash voucher worth $100 to $125. Anyone who has attended the presentations can testify that. We have the list of contacts of all attendees in all our past presentations as they are all through private invites. There is no issue on getting anyone of them to testify this fact. Till todate, CTZ Design do not have any case from Small Claims tribunal. This can be checked through the appropriate authorities. More importantly, no vendors during presentations hard sell as that is not the culture for the companies which came together to host the no obligation high tea get together to home owners at no cost to them. These are joint marketing and branding efforts, a sharing session for all invitees only. CTZ Design will not take defamations and accusations lightly. The company owners are hands on, knowledgeable ex-corporate chiefs who know the rules of the turf. Clients who are reading this, it is advisable to be realistic to know that there will always be a lower priced package out there whether it is genuinely lower when comparing apple to apple or just a marketing strategy to capture client's interest. There will be hungry souls who may choose to undercut others just for deals. However price do not represent best quality, best workmanship. The more critical factor is the designer who is handling the client's job. Clients have to be totally comfortable with the ID he chooses for the relationship gets very intense in the 2-3 months before job completes. There is no point paying a lot less or a lot more if the ID is someone whom the client finds difficulty to have open discussions. The most difficult part to manage a renov job is never the job itself but people relationships. All fabrications can be constructed, amended and touched up but the cracks in the relationship between the client and the ID is most difficult to mend. Our take to all potential clients is to choose the ID you are comfortable to work with. Within 2 meetings, you would have known if the ID is someone you can park your deal with. If the personalities do not match, even the best ID or lowest cost ID, you will find him not good enough for you. We welcome feedbacks which we will help us to better our services. However, unfounded tales will not be taken lightly by CTZ Design. Our legal advisors do screen the forums and will act upon company's advise.