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  1. Hi guys..been a year since I started this thread and recently had one query from a forumer whom I have gladly shared some contacts etc. Since I've started this thread in one which I thought would be in the best interest of sharing. There have been quite a few people doubting my authenticity, be it on this page itself or via pm. All I can say is that this thread was started with good intentions on my part after having trouble then sourcing for a quality ID. Short of inviting doubters to my place, it's difficult for me to prove anythg but I won't. In any case, I eventually went with a firm that is listed above but I did not post a review. I got lazy n swamped w work plus an exam plus wedding prep plus reno to continue posting. One year on, am v happy w the work done, the quality and service. Even till now, any small issues like scratch on the paintwork, the ID gets his guys up to sort it out for me. No complains and I wish them all the best, just like I wish u guys good luck in sourcing an ID that suits u
  2. Sorry guys been abit tardy in updating my reviews of the various IDs here..been away on annual leave holiday n all and of cuz busy w reno...will try to post an update later tonight, past midnight bah! Happy new year all!
  3. Hi abing, unfortunately nope..but his name is Nick and you can pm him, just search for koukii. Shorty, usually they charge abt 1-2k for it. Or they may say it's FOC (ie.. It's somehow added to other parts of the quotation)
  4. BTW, since starting this thread, I've received a number of enquiries from various firms who asked for the chance to quote. I apologise for my silence as most of you came to me towards the late stage where we didn't want to drag the process any longer (rushing for CNY completion). The guys include: Koukii (freelance) Wong Y K from Wong Consultants & Building Services Dean1984 (referred his contractor elvin@tyasdesign.com) Dave Sim from NeuKonceptz Hope one day will have the chance to work together in future
  5. Thanks NingNing for your contribution! Since u mentioned about Thom, Im writing my review on them as well! Anyway, sorry to hear abt your experience with Rezt and Relax. We had a decent time with them (will elaborate more soon) but agree about your point on budget. Everyone has different budget and spending ability. What I can't stand is IDs being condescending on my budget. If I'm off budget, explain to me why and I will listen to your views, see if it makes sense. As 1st time owners, we started with 30k and eventually we shifted higher after being convinced that we had to. I've just tidied up the list again. added more commentary on the firms and rearranged based on us turning them down due to 1) Price (cuz they maybe expensive for a reason, although I felt they could at least meet up and try to convince us why, which 1 firm did) 2) Other reasons (attitude, pushy, con-job, seemed scammy) 3) the 'No replies' OR 'say will quote/revert but didn't' firms (not sure if good but the lack of pro-activeness is telling. or maybe they really so popular and so busy.) 4) Narrowed list (firms we really gave due consideration. I know its two firms now but i will amend and shift more firms down into this list. Just that now very busy studying for an upcoming exam). Hope this helps everyone!
  6. Sorry cant really comment on 9Lives.. I sent 2 emails, both if which were received with an auto reply saying they will follow up shortly but they never did.
  7. Hi Hanafi and ninabey, yes we have already decided on a firm to work with. The list is long yes, but we thought it important to meet as many as we could in order to make an informed choice. Will update the list on our feedback later today. While the list is long, its short when compared with the numerous firms out there. Hope that this will be useful for others as I realised that there is a dearth of feedback/reviews on many of these firms. Anyway, this is just views formed after 1-4 meetings, doesn't mean they suck. But we based our choice off these meetings as that were all we had.
  8. Hi hanafi..Chris from butget replied me quickly after my initial email, said give him 3 days to estimate a quote. Went silent after that and that was 3 weeks ago. Figured he is not too keen to follow up and I definitely won't want an ID who will go radio silent for my project.
  9. Added 2 more firms which we have decided to we eliminate! Anyone with feedback on Darwin? I had a good session with them, quote was reasonable, the guy was very approachable and willing to listen to us, admitted that he didn't know certain things and will go check for us if it's doable rather than promise us, and he gave good ideas too. Yet i found many unsavoury reviews on the forum abt them.. So confusing haha
  10. Yea jackdaniel..I fully agree w u. I went down to their office. Intro n showroom was fantastic, was brought around by a junior staff. Then after sitting down, she brought in her 'manager' some Alvin or Alex guy.. Who was more focused on selling us his 3d design package for 1k. Said that most impt is we must see design, then we can visualise what we want. Thereafter then can talk abt renovation. Asked what if after paying for the 3d, the renovation cost is out of budget. He said from his estimates, can easily go under my budget by 3-8k. I gave a lowball figure n yet he could go under. EVERY firm I spoke to, said it was difficult. Yet this guy could confidently estimate the cost just by looking at the list of works that I have requested for. Every other firm took at least 3 days to come back w an estimated cost yet he could just tell it there n then. And trust me I had a long list of requirements to be done. Straightaway blacklisted cuz this guy had too much sales talk in him.
  11. Yea I know..but thought its good to make an informed choice and the only way is to hit many firms so as to find one that will suit. Imagine all the rejections I have to make later! Lol maybe it's our 1st home so we are more cautious!
  12. To be honest, I don't see why I should shortchange myself and just place my bets on 3-5 guys.. Why not take my time to speak to as many firms as I can to making an informed decision? In any case, I'm just asking if anyone has good feedback on any of the firms above or bad experiences? If good, I will just make a sidenote to give them more consideration. If bad, at least I have a heads up.
  13. Dear fellow forumers, My wife and I are first time property owners and the search for an ID is giving us a massive headache as we are unsure who we can work with. To us, we prioritise someone whom we can trust, then cost, and finally design flair. However, it's been difficult as trust is purely based on gut instinct and can be hit or miss, while we are seeing a wide range of quotes as well. The place we bot is a condo unit via resale and intended works is average, neither massive nor minor. Initial budget 30k. I have reached out to the following firms and am in midst of meeting up w them to get quotes. Some have reverted back and we have 'rejected' several due to 1) cost, 2) seen bad reviews online, 3) don't feel comfortable during meeting (eg sales talk, designer seems young/inexperienced, pushy etc) Really appreciate if anyone can share any experiences/feedback that you may have w these firms. Any feedback is good for us as we wanna narrow down the list further. We are not asking for the impossible, just want a fairly priced service. If you have any recommendations, do share w us as well! Thanks... Original List (will write my review soon): 9 Degree A Home Story (now known as Luxurious Design Pte. Ltd.) Altered Interior iDees Flipside Design KNQ Associates/Home Rejuvenation Lux Design Pte Ltd Rezt and Relax Space Define Interior Ted ID ZQ Studio Pte Ltd Narrowed down list (Please PM me if u need a referral/contact to any ID in the 'Narrowed down list' below.) Thom Signature Design (I have nothing but good things to say about Thom. Quotation was very competitive right from the start. We worked with Joy and she was very professional and patient throughout. Even when we very undecided, she just told us to go with who we felt comfy with and assured us that there will not be any hidden costs and that she will be dedicated to the project throughout. She was never pushy once, was upfront and always willing to listen. Felt bad we had to turn her down in the end, but she took it in her stride and said she will try harder in future. Only thing that was that we felt they could do a good job no qualms about that, just unsure if it would have been 'Wow'. Think they are very underrated and they really just need do up a nice portfolio book/profile to strengthen their pitch. Let me know if u wanna speak to her! ) Darwin Interior (Had a good session with Alex, quote was reasonable, he was very approachable and willing to listen to us, admitted that he didn't know certain things and will go check for us if it's doable rather than promise us, and he gave good ideas too. Was patient and never pushy. Yet i found many unsavoury reviews on the forum abt them.. So confusing. Didn't want to chance it in the end.) Emailed to request for quote/meetup but never reverted: Butget Studio (replied to say will revert in few days but never did) Rob.Wynn Interior Design Studio (reverted to arrange for meet up, had to cancel due to work and the guy finally contacted me again 2 weeks down asking if we were supposed to meet) The Association (had a referral from a friend to see them, called them to arrange a meeting, followed up with an email. They replied saying the ID (Kum) will contact me but she never did until 2-3 weeks later. By then we more or less decided on a firm. We went to see our friend's place. Its nicely done up but slightly on the expensive side) Fullhouse Interior Render (radio silence) Inspired Homes (met me and I actually had a very good impression of them and had high hopes as portfolio seemed good and their prelim sensing of my budget seemed ok. They promised to come back with a quote . Never did. I know my budget was not easy to meet and I did tell them it was not easy, ppl were struggling. I told them where the other firm was at. At least come back and try to justify if quote was higher. We are not unreasonable people and did shifted our budget higher in the end.) Maia Design (no reply) Singapore Interior Design (no reply) Singapore Renovation (no reply) H.ome C.hoice (no reply) C.lassic I.deas Design & Build (no reply) 9Lives Interior Design (sent 2 emails, both if which were received with an auto reply saying they will follow up shortly but they never did) Turned down (due to price, the best quote we had was around 35k): Urban Atelier (>60k, didn't even meet, just upfront say price over phone) Mong Design Studio (>60k, didn't even meet, just upfront say price over phone) Momo and Partners (>80k, didn't even meet, just upfront say price over phone) Prozfile (>70k, met Allen. Very nice young guy. Portfolio is good and photos are 'Wow'. these are real photos and not 3D too. He knew he was out of budget but still insisted on meeting us, explaining why he is more expensive and as he knew we only have a vague idea of what we wanted, he guided us through some colour schemes to consider, effects that we can look to achieve. After few days, he did a followup call, just to find out which firm he lost out to and was it solely due to price he lost out on. V good impression) Turned down (due to other reasons): I-Bridge Design (Very bad impression. Met Shirley, whom roped in her manager (alvin?). The guy was more focused on locking us into a 3D design. Said 'all we need u is to commit 1k to a 3d drawing, we believe in letting u see the design first, then only u have a better idea. Afterwhich we can talk abt the renovation'. Told him I was concerned after paying 1k and not liking the 3D OR worst still, his renovation quote will be skyrocket high. He said 'don't worry, from what I see, 22-25k at most'. Everyone took days to quote and all struggled to even meet under 40k and he could just quote offhand? Amazing.) Artrend Design (bad online reviews; our ID, young girl whom didn't seem v experienced, left the firm halfway and her boss followed up and told us only 3 weeks later.) Inspire by D'trenzo (bad feedback from forumers) V.egas interior design (sales fluff from boss who was very hard to talk to, wanted to share abt all his 'rich clients' than listen to us, sent his SYT junior ID to engage us, wanted us to commit 2k to their 3d design first. Quote was extravagant and didnt seem trustworthy. "Huh 30k cannot lah, i see at least 60k la, trust me it will be fine. You know this Datuk/Indon/etc trust me so much, told me to just reno and give him the bill.' Sorry I'm not a Datuk, neither do I own a money printing press.)