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  1. Am targetting at a new condo. 5 bedrom 1600 sqft. is it a comfortable size? given the limited parking lots nowadays, how would MCST usually give out the lots? one for each unit first, then if there are left over (usually yes), then sell season parking for additional lots?
  2. Hi, Thanks for your advice. I do agree with what you have said. Probably will leave it as it is. I do understand that filling up a bathtub for use is going to consume lots of water!!
  3. Recently bought an under construction condominium and the developer is including a bathtub in addition to shower bath in the master bathroom. My concerns of having a bathtub is taking up space, lack of use of bath tub due to the fact of wasting lots of water. Need some advices from you: - should I ask the developer to exclude the bathtub? - should I keep the bathtub there and not just it, wasting the space? Your advice please. Thank you.