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  1. I am really pissed about this - I discovered that i was scammed. The monies I had paid for tiles and work were siphoned off. In fact, I found out that: 1. he ordered much less tiles than what was needed. he claimed that the tilers needed space, so tiles will be delivered when needed. 2. a week later or so, even those tiles disappeared, and I found out (only recently) that he did not pay the tile company and they came and took away the tiles! he had told me that the tiles were sent for grinding and polishing (said that it was too loud at my flat). 3. I had wanted new tiles for my living room, so I passed him a 3rd check for these tiles. he did not order them at all! 4. when i confronted him, he promised to get all my tiles back (I have his IOU, a post dated check, as well as his NRIC). 5. I discovered that the tiles he supposed delivered was not the correct quantity (much less)! throughout this entire saga, albeit too late, I found out that: 1. his subcontractors are all unpaid 2. he never had the intention to purchase my tiles, or finish my work 3. he bought a $8000 ring for himself (and another which costs even more for his wife) I will be making a police report over the next few days (am watch see attitude now). once that is done, I will be posting all of the above factually. i will also be posting the police report, the scanned IOU as well as his NRIC. These folks are the scourge of the industry and humanity. Hope others can learn from my valuable lesson. And definitely do NOT trust this individual. How do you work with someone who lies every single time? I will update. ps. The tilers are very awesome guys though. I will also post their contacts so that everyone can benefit from it as well.
  2. hello all - I want to enjoy the breeze of my recently acquired HDB flat, but still want some privacy. I was thinking to get wooden louvre windows instead of the normal glass casement windows and grill combo. Does anyone know where I can get them? Any indication of price?I assume HDB would allow them?Many thanks!
  3. He said he will put out skirting to hide it. I also expressed my disappointment that he was not around to make sure the workers were taking care of the existing flooring even though prior to signing he had promised to be there everyday to supervise. The workers had carted away debris and used shovels on my existing floor. Ugh. He apologized and assured me it was a slip up and will not happen again. He had a personal event last week, so I agreed to give him a week off. I would rather he focus and make my renovation good. I hope I am not making a mistake! Also, because in some small way about the damaged tiles, I decided to also hack the existing tiles (which I wanted to keep initially) and replace them. Selected the tiles yesterday. Crossing fingers. I am pushing back my other furniture and purchases to fund this new floors. I am still cautiously optimistic that we will get a win-win situation. I believe I am a very good customer (paying on time, and taking feedback and understanding). I hope he reciprocates that and I can have my flat back in the way we discussed and planned. To all contractors - please remember, this might be one of the many projects you are handling, but this is OUR flat. It is extremely important to us! Will continue to give feedback and at the end, I hope to write a glowing testimonial for this contractor when the project is finally finished. Have a great weekend guys!
  4. Thanks all. Hacking has started, and to be honest, it is a little concerning..... I saw some chipped away of my existing floor tiles (which I not going to change) due to some workers' mistakes. The contractor has assured me that it will be taken care of (I hope so too!!). I am crossing my fingers..... https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A85oqs3qGSc1uT Will keep everyone updated.
  5. Happy CNY all! Very excited - signed the contract just yesterday and dropped over the deposit check. <gulp!> Crossing fingers that it would be good experience. So far it has been. I chose a young-ish contractor who was willing to listen and is enthusiastic. Also happy I could help, in my little way, in the next generation. Hope my decision is the right one. I will update the progress when I can (need to work to pay for the renovation bills lah), but attached are some before pictures. Alot of hacking and masonry works followed by a little carpentry. Hope the link works! http://www.flickr.com/photos/43849797@N06/sets/72157640762704894/ Have a great week!
  6. I would be interested to view the Castlery showroom. I was looking through the site and it looks good but I really would prefer to see it for real. Or at least have many more pictures. Thx.
  7. I just bought an induction hob. Because I am going to redo the kitchen top, I have a choice whether to do a cut in or leave it freestanding. Has anyone done either and wished they did the other? Thanks. :-)
  8. Brand new. Unopened box. Warranty etc all unfilled. Specs here. http://www.courts.com.sg/Products/PID-IP009765(Courts)/Home-Appliances/Kitchen-Appliances/Induction-Cookers/TAIYO-DUAL-INDUCTION-STOVE-2800W-IB229 One of the most highly regarded. $650. Collect from Woodlands or Marsiling MRT station. Please PM me. Thanks.
  9. I can't seem to be able to find a deep soaking bathing tub in Singapore so checking the collective experience from this group. You know, the type where if you sat down in the tub (they have built in "ledge" or "seat" within, water would come up to neck. It's more a japanese style tub. Anyone know where in Singapore I can get one? Not the $15k type please! The alternative is to build one with tiles and cement. I really don't mind and it may even be better looking, but from the articles I read, this isn't a good idea coz of the leakage potential. Is this a real problem? How about putting a waterproof membrane before? Or should I stick to getting a tub and building a base around it? Much appreciated and thanks all. Zk
  10. Dear all - I just recently bought an old 1975 4rm Resale (~900sqf) and want to do some renovation for it. The bathroom and WC are separate. I have 2 questions which I hope someone would help me with it: 1. Below is a quote from a contractor (not ID). Can the collective group take a look at it and let me know if it is reasonable? 2. If anyone has any personal recommendations for reliable contractors, please let me know. Many thanks all. ------------------------------------------------------ 1 Provide labor and tools to hack and removing existing floor finishes at kitchen, bathroom and toilet wall and floor finishes 2. provide labor and tools to hack wall at bedroom 3 3. provide labor and tools to hack and remove wall tiles at bedroom 2 and 1 entrances (minor) 4. provide labor and tools to remove existing cornices at whole house ----- $2200 5. provide labor and material to construct wall at bedroom 3 ----$650 6. provide labor and material to install 1 set of door and frame to bedroom 3 ----$650 7. provide labor and material to lay waterproofing to bathroom and toilet floor ---$300 8. provide labor and material to lay floor tiles at bathroom and toilet ---$1000 9. provide labor and material to lay mosaic wall tiles at bathroom and toilet - $2600 10. provide labor and material to seal up existing kitchen entrance ---$450 11. provide labor and material to lay timber strip at kitchen floor ---$1800 12. provide labor and material to lay wall tiles at kitchen ----$2400 13. provide labor and material to construct low wall at kitchen behind sink ---$400 14. provide labor and material to construct follow brick support at under kitchen cabinet ---$250 15. fabricate and install 18.5" lower cabinet c/w 16 nos Blum soft closing drawers in laminate finish w/ ABS trimming at kitchen ---$2960 16. fabricate and install wall hung shelving in laminate finish to kitchen --$250 17. provide labor and material to lay 18.5 granite worktop at kitchen--$2200 18. provide labor and material to install 2 sets of casement glass door in frosted tempered glass finish at bathroom and toilet ---$900 19. provide labor and material to run cold only water piping to toilet, bathroom and kitchen --$550 20. provide labor and tools to install 1 set of WCs, basics, taps, instant water heaters, washing machine point, kitchen sink and tap. --$350 21. provide labor and material to install WPC casement window to whole house ---$2880 22. provide labor and material to iinstall WPC sliding window grill to whole house --$1100 23. provide labor and material to rewire house --$1850 24. provide labor and material to repolish flooring **** room and 3 bedrooms --$750 25. provide labor and material to repaint whole house -- $1400