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  1. Hi. On behalf of my condo, can anybody recommend a contractor who can repair the driveways to the playground and tennis court. Basically, remove existing tiles, put in hardcore, concreting and rebar, before putting back the tiles. Thank you.
  2. On behalf f my MCST, we are looking for licensed outdoor contractors for my condo - 1) andscape works to repair cracked tiles at playground and tennis courts, build new shower cubicles at pool deck and tennis courts, change/repair damaged fence grilles, supply and install timber decking and fencing. 2) Cut, clear & dispose border trees around tennis courts 3) Remove and rea[ir chain link mesh at tennis court and multi-purpose courts.
  3. Any recommendations for fabric sofas which has easily removable covers for washing? Child-friendly and tenant-friendly!
  4. Going to JB has logistic problems for me. Tks for yr suggestion.
  5. No, not importing. Just trying to buy direct for my kitchen and bathroom.
  6. Hi Gen, I just saw your post. Are you staying in a a HDB unit or a private condo? If it's a HDB unit, then you contact HDB. If it is a private condo, and you still need a leakage specialist you could try IGM Maintenance PL, tel 64816634. You could also engage a PUB- licensed plumber to check. If the leak is from the ceiling it is either a common pipe under the jurisdiction of the MCST or from your upstairs neighbour. So get your Condo Officer to come and check it first with his technical people. Once it is determined that it is not an MCST pipe, he can help to contact the upstairs neighbour who should come and check, with his own plumber. If your upstairs neighbour is uncooperative, you could file an application to the Strata Title Board for mediation. Hope this helps.
  7. I am renovating my kitchen cabinets and everything in the master bathroom. My contractor marks up a lot for the kitchen and bathroom tops and so I am looking for an honest direct supplier. I have read up that polyester may stain and not last as long as quartz or granite. There are different grades I know. In fact the best quartz it seems is iQuarts. I am thinking of cheaper granite from China and a cheaper quartz. Any recommendations for direct supplier or what to be aware of China granite and cheaper quartz? Thank you.
  8. Hi there. I called the number you provided but it was an Indian man working on a ship?
  9. Hi there, my SOHO office needs a small reno job - dismantle partitions and build in a glass partition for a meeting room, relocate data boxes, electrical switches, cabinets, glass doors. Anybody can recommend? Somebody with integrity and can speak some English. Thanks.