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  1. Hi myone181, which lights are you referring to? I used trading1.sg as my agent
  2. Yes Ah Gui did my carpentry and he's very very nice to deal with Even their workmanship is fast and good. Except for my living room storage, I asked for the type of shelves which can be shifted (easier for my odd sized stuff) but he probably forgot. Will be getting him in to add more of the shelves stopper (whatever you call it) after I'm more or less settled in. The sealing for my carpentry looks ok. But yes the smell is..... Before I moved in, I will open to air the cabinets whenever I drop by. Yet every other time I drop by again, the cabinets are closed by whichever contractor is working at that time -.- now i've no time to air it, just mad stuffing things in!
  3. The table + bench + shipping is approximately 1000USD. But there were some issues at the customs here so the shipment got delayed, which means additional cost for warehousing. All the miscellaneous fees like gst, permit fee, clearance fee, doorstep delivery fee, uncrating etc etc was about another S$800. Didn't know about all these hidden costs Anyway we saw a similar table in SG it still costs about $4k, so I guess we still got it at a rather ok price.
  4. Yea he is. I read some of the feedbacks about him recently, glad I didn't have problems with him. Congrats on the completion of your renovation too! Moving and unpacking is so tiring!
  5. Hello! Nope they are considered 1 lighting point, because they are connected by the same switch. The wires are connected together and concealed under the false ceiling
  6. Oh that's because this wall storage spreads out from the living to the dining area. The dining area is at the left and the right will be where our sofa will be. The depth is about 1ft. I wanted a deeper storage but my carpenter said it'll look too bulky since it's so long, he's right though. The cove lighting sounds like a good idea! The only problem we have with cove lights are the dust that will accumulate over time and no one's gonna clean the inset especially it's so high up. But I guess if we don't peek into it we probably won't be too bothered - out of sight out of mind haha
  7. Bought them from TB. Heres the link http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  8. Thank you yan01! hope your renovation journey will be a smooth one!
  9. Here's a photo of our balcony. Used craftstone feature wall and wooden vertical partition. Loving our bird cage lights! My mum is a green thumb so we are expecting a lot more plants to fill up the balcony.
  10. The kitchen cabinets were also in together with the TV wall. Chose a laminate that looks a little bit more raw. My sis bf came by and asked me how come it was unfinished haha On the day the kitchen cabinets were installed, the granite top contractor came down to take actual measurements. They have them installed 2 days after. Impressed with their efficiency Initially we were going for quartz top due to budget. But Alan told us the black galaxy was on sale so we can have it for the same price as quartz top. Score! So we went ahead with the black galaxy and changed the color scheme to fit. It was actually white quartz top and dark brown laminates. Really love the granite top. All that is left is the glass backwash. The glass contractor came down to measure them yesterday and can only have them installed next week because the glass needs to be tempered. Guess I can live without a glass back wash for a couple of days. All works that are left with are the doors and paint touch up, which should all be carried out today. WE ARE MOVING IN TOMORROW! We have a lot of stuff (hence the big TV storage wall) and gotten a few movers to quote. They were all in the range of 1$300~$1600 range. In the end we appointed the Helping Hands as their quote was below $1000, but it'll still depend how many trips they make tomorrow. A good 3 months of renovation! Thankful that the whole journey was smooth sailing!
  11. Bought it in person. Wasn't actually planning to buy a Suar wood table. Initially decide on the tables from Hommage but chanced upon the suar wood furniture shop in bali by the road side so asked the driver to stop. Really lucky!
  12. So finally been waiting for the day for the carpentry to move in! Below photos are our TV console/feature wall/storage at work. 16ft long for lots of storage for the family of hoarders. We chose a really light wood grain laminate so as to keep the space light and airy. Figure if we chose a dark wood laminate, the space will look tiny and intimidating. We also asked to add groove lines so as to add a little bit of design detail. Also spec for each door to be approximately 800mmW, bigger than usual, so that we can have as little joint lines as possible. Really happy with the workmanship too! Just a little misalignment on the doors and the shelves are supposed to be adjustable track but I guess we can always add them later.