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  1. Sorry for the lapse in posting.. we had initially shelved our plans to move into the HDB. But when the date of collection neared.. we were quite sad that we are not moving in, and decided that we will move into the HDB in the end. My home decor for the BTO is slightly different from the usual scandi choice for homes. I know that is a very popular choice among home owners because lots of fellow collectors buy retro vintage furniture from me haha We have decided to do up our place in 1920s-1930s style.. and the furniture in the home will be mostly in furniture from that era. Super love the art deco era! Will be posting some pictures from my mood board now.. hehe I really love the design of this bathroom! I know the HDB bathroom is not as spacious! But Im taking inspiration from this pic! hehe Living Room Inspiration Some of the furniture that I have shortlisted for the BTO, mainly 1920s pieces in queen anne legs. I am a great fan of Marquetry. Love Art Deco!! ok got to run along to fetch my kid now.. update more tonight! Thanks for viewing Bel
  2. Hello MHB. Cool! Green 16'' ah.. I suppose you bought from my fellow seller friend David wee? I'm currently still at my rented place, so most never fuss about the wiring yet, hehe
  3. Hello! My showroom is located at 80 genting lane #04-02A, we're open on sat & sun 1-4pm. But I'm primarily an online shop at www.facebook.com/thevintagehobby. Typically, fellow collectors looking for vintage furniture will Whatsapp me for assistance, then I can guide them from there. But my main job is still a housewife/mother/maid la, haha! This is my hobby and passion, we all need something to keep our minds occupied and energised!
  4. Hello again guys! I feel a little like I'm talking to myself here, haha. Maybe because it's a little too early for me to start talking about my house reno as my keys are not even here yet. Anyhow! I will continue to diligently record down my Home-Sweet-Home Furnishings progress. This is my shortlisted Coffee-table Mother & Child set My corner side table I bought this clock for my Living room/Dining area recently too Like I mention previously, I will not do major reno if possible. I will however spend the majority of our budget on kitchen appliances and perhaps pretty lightings. I am also contemplating to play with wood-paneling. If one steps into my home and immediately feels like he's stepping into a home in another country. As un-HDB-like as possible, then my goal is achieved!
  5. Hello there! I have the exact same layout as you, 5-room too! May I know any updates
  6. Some of my vintage phone collection. Ericofon, or 'Cobra' phone. I kept the Sandlewood one for myself as I like neutral colours. The rest have all been snatched(sold) to my fellow collector friends! I will use this phone for my study area. This will be my living room phone Pretty in pink, my kitchen wall phone! Hope I have patience using these rotary phones. But my trusty cordless will be on standby for cranky days haha
  7. This is 1 of my favorite pic for overall house inspiration! I think this idea is quite feasible for our BTOs! I like the wooden paneling and the little ledge at the end. I think alot of you guys will love this above inspiration! Just sharing, you guys may already have seen this pic though!
  8. Hello everyone! It's me again! Im here to share with you all my dining table and chairs. I was luck enough to have found a very similar set. Of course, as my items are local vintage hence its style is not exactly the same as the picture below. But it is close enough and its good enough for me! My version of a 1960s teakwood pencil legs extendable table And these are my chairs, the table shown in this pic has been sold away as I bought the extendable vintage pencil legs table instead! I guess choosing inspiration pics really help! hehe
  9. Hello! These are local vintage treasures. I sourced them myself! I am a vintage collector myself and I also sell furnitures on the side to fund my hobby :x My hubby was against moving out and renting as he says the $$ spent can be saved for house Reno. So in the end, to chip in, I started purchasing the house furniture to contribute. Else later kena nagged forever by hubby! -.-
  10. Hey guys! Thanks for the warm welcome! Hehe. Haha, I'm a housewife so I have quite abit of time to shop non-stop for vintage stuff. Also I secretly sold away all our ikea stuff for vintage pieces when my hubby is overseas for business. :x But now my hubby is a convert already, he's been influenced by me. Even my little girl loves her vintage pieces. People come my place, sometimes get scolded for even lookin at her cupboard haha! Sappyd: aiyo pls ah, not famous. Just another fanatical vintage collector. I think we all have our quirks, haha. We will be asking my husbands friend who is a contractor to do our Reno. He did the Reno for our rented place also. Very well done. We kind of am quite lucky to have a good buddy as a contractor because its really quite hard to find a reliable one! So now I have free reign on the house design! I love brick walls and etc, but being a housewife, I will probably go mad cleaning in between those bricks. And also for kids it's not so ideal, as its pretty hard and rough. I will probably play with colors, textures and dimensions. My place probably won't be the latest trending decor but I hope it will exude old world charm!
  11. My wardrobe to match the King size poster bed that im inheriting from my grandma Drawer not shown, like I mentioned before, said bye bye to all IKEA! My daughter with 1 of her cabinets that will be in her bedroom I hope she will be willing to sleep alone! And this beauty below is a 1930s Marquetry Buffet Hutch that will stand opposite my dining table Tomorrow, if I can find the time, I will update on the many ideas we have so far for the decor of our new place! I hope this blog here will keep me occupied and somewhat appeased from feeling frustrated that the house is still NOT here yet. Hai...
  12. My kopitiam marble table with 2 kopitiam chairs Most likely will put it next to the window in the living area My dressing table This table will go in between my recliners in my new place Diamond clock in my daughter's room I will keep this for future usage for baby's changing table when I have my 2nd kid that is! haha It's 2nd purpose will be for my vintage turn-table.
  13. 1950s custom made shoe-cabinet My vintage diamond kopitiam clock at an impressive 16" across My mini hanging display
  14. Hello all, the wait for my house is slowly creeping closer! I've waited coming 2 years + for my BTO and have since bought almost all of my furniture. The only things left to purchase are my kitchen appliances, among a few others. We may also invest in a projector in replacement of our current LED tv, however the costly replacement cost of each projector bulb is making us a tad hesitant! As our home will be a BTO, we have planned to keep renovations minimal if possible. We however will most likely hacking down that L-shape wall at the entrance of the kitchen. I will be posting pictures of my house's layout and also all the furniture I have hoarded so far. I have developed a craze for vintage and and recently antique furniture. Though I will only purchase and own authentic vintage furniture in my own collection, I will not be using vintage sofas as we like our modern comfort too. hehe We have purchased a set of Cellini recliners and also a 3-seater in calf leather. Well as for the rest, I will let the pictures do the talking! Glad to join in the conversation of our new homes with you guys! Project: Fernvale Riverbow Area: Sengkang 5-ROOM FLOOR PLAN APPROX. FLOOR AREA 113 sqm (Inclusive of Internal Floor Area 110 sqm and Air-Con Ledge) I will start off with my very first purchase for myself. This beauty is a custom made piece made in the 1940s. The lady who sold her to me , told me it was part of her mum's dowry. Pardon the mess, this was taken when we just moved into our rented place. My husband's beloved 1950s liquor bar, pretty in pink, haha! My 80year old Marquetry Beauty PS: the ikea furniture in this pic to the left has since been replaced by vintage pieces. haha bye to IKEA!