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  1. Would like to share my good experiences with Thomas Ng (HP: 9819 9575) from Living Art Design Gallery Pte Ltd (http://www.livingart.com.sg/). Just complete the renovation of my 5 Rooms Resale Flat by Thomas 1 month ago. Decided to give a good comment & recommendation in Renotalk as overall the renovation was done perfectly by Thomas. Unfortunately due to tight schedule & commitment to works & family, until today (Christmas Holiday) only able to sit down in front of my laptop to write the post. When sourcing for Interior Designer, I am being tied up by my new job assignment and arrival of my little princess. Fortunately we found Thomas! He is the most responsive Designer among 5 ID we get in touch with. During the discussion, he is able to inspire my wife & I regarding the concept, colour, etc. He is also willing to break down the price list to enable us to do the detail comparison. Due to my busy schedule and also we found the price is reasonable, we decided to award the renovation contract to Thomas including the materials (bathroom accessories, etc) who we believe he can follow up and monitor closely on behalf of us as we found he is worth trusting. During the renovation progress, he is following closely and keep advise us on the colour & type of furnitures to match the concept & design which really save a lot of our headache. The workmanship is good, the quality of material used is acceptable (match with his promise & price as we cannot expect by paying a Toyota to get a BMW, right?! ) He is also very responsive to my findings and will rectify any defects/comments immediately. I consider the overall progress is good as the schedule is only delayed by 2 weeks for a full renovation of 5 Room Resale Flat which included hacking & demolition. For those who are looking for affordable Interior Designer with good workmanship, responsive, great ideas, good experiences and good commitment, I highly recommend you to consider Thomas Ng from Living Art Design Gallery. Below is our 5 RM Resale Flat before renovation: (The ex-owner is really good in damage everything, luckily Thomas gives us a really good & affordable package!) Below is the comparison of 3D Drawings versus actual things we get after renovation: (Thomas mentioned if we decided to go with other ID/Contractor with his drawings, we can buy these 3D Drawings with very cheap price. But after discuss with other ID, we found his package is the most attractive one!) Kitchen TV Console Living Room Shoe Cabinet Master Bed Room Master Bathroom Common Bathroom
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