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  1. Hi, this is BISSA shoe cabinet link here http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/30256179/ My wife said not enuff still, should buy one more =.=''
  2. u r saying the knife block right? So far so good!
  3. Cleansui Water Filter Last but not least, I would like to recommend cleansui water filter if you are looking for a water filter. details can be found http://www.btbtrading.com/Cleansui/product/faucets_CSP701.html The one we purchased is Cleansui CSP701 - faucet type. The retail price is about $249.90 come with a filter. But... My wife managed to get a good deal from Amazon Japan - it cost only $200....with Additional 4 filters!! including shipping some more XD Installation is very easy as you can find them from http://www.btbtrading.com/Cleansui/about%20cleansui/Install_CLEANSUI_purifier.html. Unfortunately, our faucet cannot fit into any type of the accessories it come with..so we have to use the type D accessories - which we managed to buyit from singapore cleansui authorized dealer - btbtrading, their staff is very friendly and helpful. Ok, here is the picture: The filtered water really taste different from the tap water. and most importantly, it is very convenient. Note: I am not Cleansui Salesman haha
  4. Kitchen before and after Kitchen is the area that we spent most of the $$ on it.. we always joke to our frens that we gg to camp and sleep in kitchen XD The workman ship is really good! 1. Fridge from Hitachi 2. Hob and Hood from Brandt 3. Kitchen stainless steel accessories from Msia, sauce container plate from Ikea 4. Washer from Eletrolux 5. Sink from Msia Haustern Another view a lot a lot a lot of cabinets... The stainless steel sauce cabinet we requested is quite useful And, we managed to install 2 x Ikea Shoe Cabinets which only cost abt sgd100, good deal!
  5. I bought it from taobao, abt 23sgd incl. shipping. you can refer to the following link: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.
  6. Will you change your window grille? If so, the measurement will need to take place after the new window grille is up. If not, you can arrange the measurement 2 weeks before your moving date. Mine cost $940 for 4 Roller blind (Living Room, 3 bedrooms). Price will vary depends on your material / color chosen.
  7. Yes it is customized,the quality is good so far. It is from clementi Kian Seng. First I went down to their shop to choose the material and colors, then they will send PPL down to take measurement and follow by installation (roughly abt 7-10 days). U can look for uncle Sunny for help.
  8. Hi Lislie, my basin were bought from my hometown Kluang, not JB. But you should be able to find it from JB, can Google claytan. Quite popular in Msia. The rainshower is bought from GR Link in Jln Besar @ Sg, brand is beebest (MSia brand though ha)
  9. Some Highlights for my taobao purchased 1. Dustbin for Living Room and Kitchen 2. Tissue Box 3. Stainless Steel Knife Holder 4. Wireless Door Bell
  10. MBR After 1. Dresser from Star Living 2. Study Desk from Ikea 3. Study Chair from Ikea 4. KingKoil Kingsize Bed~ The other view for MBR I must say, the carpenter works is good. We were thinking to install ikea Wardrobe due to tight budget but in the end we choose to use customized wardrobe from our contractor. The money is worth to spend, very solid, very good. Roller Blind for MBR Half Shower Screen for MBR Toilet Store Room from Scratch - using partition board 1. Store Room Rack from Yee Sin Ikea Mirror with Chest of Drawer
  11. Sorry for late update, house about 90% done awaiting table top for Kitchen cabinet, gas installation and kitchen sink up. Let picture say the word.. Living Room After 1. Wall clock from FrancFranc which already closed down... 2. TV Console from Star Living 3. Coffee Table from FrancFranc which already closed down... 4. Sofa from Star Living 5. Arm Chair from Ikea 6. Display Cabinet from Ikea - My wife favorite Rilakkuma collection 7. KDK Ceiling Fan - never regret to install! The other view for Living Room Dining Hall After 1. Dining Light from JB 2. Dining Table set from FrancFranc - which already closed down... Roller Blind for Living Room
  12. Painting was done on last weekend, quite satisfied with the colors we chosen MBR: BedRoom1 - My fil favourite colors XD BedRoom2 - Same blue as MBR DiningHall - love it! Living Room - Urban Grey (Mark Lee favourite color in "BaiJiaLe"). My contractor manage to seal the "hole" for my TV wall, which I mentioned in my earlier post that this only cost me $350 ~~ Renovation now abt 70% done. pending electrician to install the lightings,fans then followed by chemical wash. Wardrobe and Kitchen Cabinet can only be done by end dec...