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  1. Thanks!! Btw guys our home is featured in this month's Home & Decor!! Quite weird to see your own home pictures in print, but quite exciting as well..
  2. Thanks! Renovation cost does not include all the furniture and electronic stuff. It includes the following works (i might forget a few): Kitchen - hacking and laying floor tiles - laying wall tiles - cement screeding wall - knocking down wall - building glass frame and windows - building half brick wall - cabinetry (quite a lot since we expanded our kitchen - 2 long rows bottom, and 1 shorter top + bottom) - bar top Living room + common areas - entrance ventilation wall - full-wall cabinets + TV console - vinyl flooring (whole house) - doors (whole house) Common bathroom - overlay wall tiles - building vanity with mirror - shower screen and kerb Master bedroom - knock down wall - walk-in wardrobe - custom door for walk-in - feature walls - study table - platform for bed and storage Master toilet - overlay floor + wall tiles - full length mirror and vanity + miscellaneous stuff i think there's some more, but this is off the top of my head....
  3. Hey guys thanks! The living room wall color is Dulux 30BG 33/269 (you can find this on their website). Actually our original intention is to go for teal (more greenish-blue), but it turned out looking like this in real life. Kinda liked it in the end so stuck with it haha.
  4. Hi! Are you referring to the windows with the black aluminum frame? We actually don't have individual contacts since all the work was handled and coordinated through our ID. Sorry!
  5. Hi yes, it was sourced through our ID. I tried looking for the website before but couldn't find. In terms of price we not sure exactly cos our ID quoted for entire floor not psf, and I kinda forgot how much it was haha. But I estimate roughly 20% cheaper than evorich ba. I also prefer this vinyl's skirting. They cut from the same piece of vinyl for a consistent look - rather than a generic wooden block that evorich uses.
  6. Hi. Forgot the brand, but think its Vinyl Vista or something like that. Made in China, but actually we felt it look and feel much better than Evorich which everyone else seems to be using (which, by the way, also made in China so don't see why theirs is so much more expensive).
  7. Haha yeah actually we considered domino hobs also to get around the HDB electrical load restrictions, but the cost did not make sense. Also, felt that since we not cooking tze char stuff, probably one induction + one ceramic hot plate will do - so we settled for the Mayer one. it's about $1,100 if i remember correctly, whereas the Bosch domino combo will be about $2,000. Ballpark cost of renovation is around 70+? Sounds like a lot, but considering the amount of work we did (redid and expanded whole kitchen, doors, flooring, completely redo both toilets, full length living room cabinetry, kitchen cabinetry for expanded kitchen, knocking down walls, walk in wardrobe, etc. etc.), we felt it was rather reasonable. About 15-20% more expensive than using a contractor i would imagine...
  8. Hi - not sure if this is what you mean by "more designer kinda IDs", but they do focus much more on design and planning around a space, rather than stock-standard solutions. In terms of communicating with the ID, it really is a two-way communication. We specify our requirements, he comes up with a design that meets the requirements, we discuss and see what we like and what we do not, we brainstorm for ideas, and the process repeats itself until both ID and us are satisfied. Same process for choosing materials. For furniture, we usually send photos and get feedback from our ID. The important thing is that we recognized from the start that our ID fits our design aesthetic very well, so whatever the ID proposes is usually not too far off from what we feel is attractive. Similarly, the ID is happy to incorporate our ideas since it fits his style well also. Same for furniture. We think this is probably the most important point - to have good rapport with your ID and one who thinks similar to you. Naturally, the results will be in line with your intentions - you just need to maybe focus on whether or not it fits yr lifestyle (not design) requirements. In comparison with working with contractors, the difference is probably that the contractor will not provide much in terms of design input? So you will have to handle most of the design yourself and communicate exactly your requirements to the contractor. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi. Basically once the drawings have been agreed between us and the ID, they were provided to the carpenters and they handled the rest. So really, all we had to do was just to agree on the idea - we have no idea how it was executed haha. Same for the MBR green feature wall groove lines...
  10. The floor tiles are hexagonal cement tiles - I believe imported from Vietnam. Our ID sourced for them for us, but I think we saw some at Hafary and all the other tile shops - ask for their hex cement tiles and they should have. The wall tiles are from Japan - didn't see them at any tile shops but our ID sourced. Apparently from old warehouses operated by cranky old men. For the hob, its actually only 2 zone. It's a hybrid induction + ceramic (hot plate) hob, from Mayer. The socket is the same type as the one your air con uses (15A?) so no problems for HDB - this is also one of the reasons why we got this hob because the other 3-4 zone ones will not generally work for HDB...
  11. Yes, that's right. It will be quite a cosy space... We went for a platform because we prefer to put the mattress on the floor without a bed frame, so a raised platform works for us. Also will help to demarcate the space nicely into sleeping, wardrobe, and study. Only downside is of cos not very wheelchair friendly but for now that won't be a concern
  12. Totally agreed, but unfortunately their in house person who did 3d drawings has quit and I don't think we want to wait for them to hire a new guy which will already be after CNY. The only bright side is that the real thing will 100% look better than the renderings!The 3d renderings are still useful in helping to visualize the space, but the color and lighting are all off such that the house looks very cold. It's obvious from 3d conceptwerke's portfolio that the final product will not turn out that way, but nevertheless still quite depressing to look at the renderings
  13. playneat


  14. Mavi, yes it's from King Wong. They had a 30% moving out sale so we just bought it cos we thought it would go along well with our patchwork sofa. Of cos, we had a check with the ID haha. On another note, we just received notice that our hacking works start tomorrow! Walls to go down will be all walls linking the kitchen to the living area, and between bedroom 2 and MBR. Half of the existing MBR will be a wiw, the other half will be study. The existing bedroom 2 will be the bed area... After hacking layout to come!!