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  1. Hi Kevin, WC brand is Mayfair i think. I'm not sure but I can check the invoice to get the model number I'm also using KDK for the ventilation fan! Not noisy for me thou. I love how it really keeps the bathrooms dry and the bad smells are gone much faster compared to the time when my bathrooms didn't have the ventilation fans.
  2. Hi Freb, i don't think so? Asked my ID and he said ok. Was done on the same day, so i'm guessing that it's technically not too difficult but best to inform your ID In advance
  3. Glass backing installed Another glass backing at the hob and hood side Cabinet doors (above the display cabinets) done
  4. Switches for hood, oven and an extra socket Switches for the extra counter hanging lights (not yet installed), kitchen and service yard. With more sockets. A small light at the shoe cabinet, with the switch at the side of the cabinet and the socket below.
  5. A closer look at the service yard sliding windows and window grills Kitchen sink and tap Switches
  6. Bedroom 1 window grills Bedroom 2 window grills Service yard sliding windows and window grills
  7. Common bathroom - almost done Living room window grills MBR window grills
  8. MBR bathroom with illuminated mirror done Common bathroom with illuminated mirror done MBR - almost done
  9. Same with MBR bathroom. Remove window and replace with glass panel. Common bathroom ventilation fan done. MBR bathroom ventilation fan done.
  10. KDK bathroom ventilation fan Remove bathroom window for installation of ventilation fan Replace common bathroom window with glass panel
  11. Hello! I very much prefer white for the bathrooms! But my hb and my ID had different ideas. I'm not good with colours, they are much better. Have you moved in?? Actually after a while, you will get used to the 'awful' design. My first home was the worst. The entire bathroom was green in colour and we didn't change a single thing. Got used to the green after a while! White and grey are actually pretty acceptable so take heart! Save the money for furnishing
  12. Hi bgmoon, i really cannot remember how much is the EF hob ooops. I bought it from Goh Ah Bee. They offered it cheaper It's not expensive!
  13. Hi mhtan, i can't share the breakdown of the quotation but total is about 50k. It really depends on what you need to do and the materials you choose His email is kennethngch@yahoo.com.sg. It's my second renovation with Kenneth. My first home in Jurong was nicely done as well
  14. MBR bathroom MBR bathroom - also waiting for installtion of ventilation fan
  15. Common bathroom Common bathroom - water closet done. Waiting for the ventilation fan.