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  1. I have the dubious distinction of having two fire-rated HDB doors when HDB decided to install a second door at the recess area, regardless of whether I wish to or not. Now, I am having to find anyone who can remove and dispose the redundant older door of the living room. Any recommendations?
  2. Hi All, This is my first post. I am looking for a window contractor to replace an existing window grille with a casement window at the recess area of a 4-room. The grille is to be taken off and discarded. The length is about 150 x 100 cm (100cm is the standard height of all HDB windows) This is supposed a minor job and it is proving to be anything but minor. I know that with the approaching CNY, the Malaysian workers will be on home-leave, so I mentioned to the contractors that production and installation can be done after CNY. The preliminary paper work/permit and measurement can be done meantime. The first contractor I called is HDB's term contractor for window. The day after the window measurement was taken, I called the office with the intention of furnishing my NRIC for permit application. To my surprise, he did not want and instead told me to wait for his quotation. To-date, I waited 2 weeks in vain. The second contractor, also HDB-registered, quoted $500 on the phone to which I agreed on the spot. (2-panel casement window, natural aluminium) He failed to show up on the day he was take the window measurement and down payment as deposit. When I look at HDB website, some contractors have the same contacts for mobile and fixed lines, same email address but different addresses and registered names. How fishy! I guess I can forget about this until March. Meanwhile, can any kind soul recommend, preferably a non-Chinese contractor. I tend not to trust Chinese contractors anymore even though I am Chinese.