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  1. Now here's the long overdue post. Hacking of flooring and the small little wall on Monday 29/06/15. I always believe whatever that can be hack away, please hack. I like house to be opened up but father was reluctant to hack but I told the ID to go ahead. Look at how open up the walkway is from the living room to the kitchen. 30/06/15 Arrival of building materials.Tonnes of it, I mean it really is. Each pack of cement is 40KG, total of 36packs. How much already? Still have tiles lei, so it's about 1plus ton. We paid so much money for these cement and concrete blocks. Next will be the laying of concrete layer.
  2. Here's the long awaited 3D illustrations. Kitchen 3D Illustration 3D of Shoe cabinet. Most probably will do a shoe cabinet against the whole wall instead without the settee.
  3. We actually met up with Mr Chon last Sunday at Hafary(Balestier) for the choosing of tiles. Here's the living and kitchen tiles respectively. Hacking & tiling works will commence on the 29, 30 June. I'll post the pictures of hacking when it commence. Next, over the past week. We moved everything we could into our rooms and throw whatever unnecessary and here's the results getting ready for hacking. Meanwhile, we're eagerly waiting for the 3D illustrations from Mr Chon( Urban habitat Design). Once I get hold of it, will share with you all here:)
  4. Hi eastlovin, Yeah, we'll be staying in it but no worries the hacking will be done when we're all at work. We'll spread the furnitures throughout the 3rooms, the dining table and coffee table will be given away. I'm trying to remove as much furniture as possible, minimise the clutter otherwise got new floor also not nice. Thank you
  5. Prior to setting out to request for quotation using the "GET A QUOTE" button in Renotalk just like many of you here do. Together with my parents, we sat down and discussed the requirements we want. Kitchen Build a new L-shape bottom cabinet only.Shift the refrigerator to the front nearer to the living roomHide the washing machine behind the sink, beside the rubbish chute.Box up the unsightly pipesNew kitchen floorLiving Room New floorNew shoe cabinet Settee beside the shoe cabinet for us to wear shoe.Allow me to share the pictures of the current state. Living Room floor tiles which will be demolish. The small segment of wall beside the Laughing Buddha will also be hack. Shoe cabinet which will be demolish. Everything in the kitchen will be demolish, wall tiles, floor tiles, cabinets, concrete sink support, granite stove support. Next, I'll share about who we engaged to do the renovation for us. Basically, we didn't look through much ID or contractors as we're only doing kitchen and living room. As I sent out the quotation request, a lot of calls came ringing but didn't get to meet those due to my irregular work timings. A call came from Mr Chon from Urban Habitat Design asking me to send him an email of my requirements. I did so and met up with him on the 16 June, he came by our house for an accurate assessment. A friendly person who gives practical suggestions to our kitchen. Saying that we should do away with wall tiles altogether for a more cleaner outlook. I like ID like him who helps you to save money here and there instead of asking you to build and build trying to burst your budget. 2 days later, he emailed me a quotation which is of a comfortable range to my parents. 17k for Demolition, Masonary & Flooring, Plumbing, Fitment & Glass, Carpentry.
  6. Hi everyone! After 30 years of staying in my parent's flat, we've decided to have a makeover to our kitchen and living room. The idea of renovating our kitchen was that the floor tiles given by HDB in 1985 was already popping out and doesn't look modern anymore. While the idea of renovating the living room concurrently was due to our thinking: " Since doing kitchen already, might as well do living room too. During the planning phase sometime in May 2015, I had been reading many of the blogs here and appreciated all contributions big or small by the friendly people here. Through this forum, I make myself to absorb and learn about renovations to help my parents while at the same time learnt from the process as my BTO will be ready sometime in 2018. This project is taking place real time as we've just selected the company to do up our house, and I'll share about the ID we selected in the next post. First up, here is the floor plan
  7. I'm looking to sell this Galant Series table top from IKEA. Colour: Black Brown Dimensions: 120mm X 80mm Thickness:2cm Selling at $50 only. Help me to clear. Collect at Serangoon Ave 3 Block 236. Contact me at 98289172.
  8. item 1) Ikea Besta Shelf Unit. $60 Colour: Black Brown Dimensions: 60cm(width) x 40cm(depth) x 64(height) Item is opened but unused as I decided to save space. item 2) BESTA VARA Glass Door $40 Item is as good as new. Help me clear. Receipt will be given as proof that I just bought last week. Contact me at 98289172