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  1. Oh Jeez.... I will try to take a photo of the ward robe now. kind of messy LOL! My place isn't those picture perfect type. I even have boxes at the top shelf for storage since EM store room is so tiny ......
  2. totally agree!!! My place is like 60% complete due to budget and work doesn't help . so adding bits a little at a time. do envy the rest where everything is done to the tee and complete....
  3. Oh, can show them? My ID was against having laminated cabinets at my balcony. I wanted to do some shelving to create a laundry are. my balcony gets full force of the rain lol, 3/4 of the flooring will be wet but it dries really fast as well
  4. Thanks cleong!! I will install them for the room doors. Does anyone have 2 aircon compressors for their Gen 2 units? Pondering if I should install fan or aircon for the ground floor room.
  5. Good!! Going to have it setup for my girl's bedroom and probably install additional adjacent to the current ones. If you are having baskets then need to align the brackets very carefully. if you are only using the hanging rods and shelves, then no issues. I dislike folding so this is somewhat like a dream
  6. But I have 148 sqm and not 150++ type.... Ya having own private chute is actually much easier. Which areas have the Gen 4? I have 3 rain showers but the usage is reasonable. My electricity is the one which takes most because of the aircon i think? Cleong, where can I get Install rubber/plastic gaskets? Moved in 4 months and still trying to work out what to do with the house *lol*
  7. Ya Mine should be Gen 2? How do i find out what is mine? It is 22 years old so I thought it is gen 3....
  8. they suspect the water proofing at the drainage has issue. Coming on thursday to check *fingers crossed*
  9. I have water leaking to my kitchen ceiling.... from the master bathroom. Need to get ID to come in. somehow it has damaged my kitchen countertop , like eat into the solid top
  10. Me too! You dont have the steel beam? I have the steel beam and pondering to do a bamboo blind instead.
  11. how much is your bill each month? So far mine is manageable. What I did do was to have LED lights for the entire house.
  12. It was FOC and so far gaming has been decent so all good!
  13. I am pondering light blue though hehehe to fit in the theme. So busy with work that don't have time for the house!!
  14. Accessories Time for my Girl's Bathrooms! Bought 2 of these from IKEA. Not listed bathroom mirrors but who cares Like the design but colour isn't suitable so need to figure how to change the colours. Also bought this to test water if it actually works and it does!! 1 week and all good For $9.90 it does serve it's purpose and also don't need to drill my tiles in the 2nd bathroom. Intending to get the rest of the range to kit out the bathroom.
  15. Master bathroom Partial Updates - Furnishing and my mixer for my rain shower is pending for Taobao. The mixer was faulty so has to re-order a new one. haven't had the chance to use the bath tub yet!! hehehe time to scour for bath salts Towel bars at the back of the door. I don't like to drill into my pretty tiles so the door had to sacrifice instead They were from IKEA at $7 each I think. Shaving Mirror and my Black Mirror from Amazon UK up! the toilet roll holder is from IKEA too and fits my Bathroom theme Quite sad about my rain shower. using the handshower for now and can't wait for the complete look. Window looks scruffy but to replace means more moolah so need to think cheap creatively on how to make it look nicer