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  1. we got our blinds fixed. Its a korean black out blinds (original). I understand from a few people there is imitation. One way to check is to use a torchlight and see if you can see the shadow or anything pass through. This blinds allow us to have a flexibility to totally remove the sunlight or to allow full sunlight to pass through.
  2. Hi Tommy78, That is granite, how was it installed im not so sure. We installed the granite as we are very lucky. That piece was overstock from his previous renovation, so we got it cheap.
  3. Hi, my bay window can seat up to max 4 people. Because its hollow, it not advisable that you stand or jump. But normal seating is fine
  4. This is a separate quote, my flooring, wardrobe, blinds and grille.
  5. Next is the window grille. Since there are 2 lazy people staying in the house, we want something that is easy to clean and doesnt take up much of our time. Since my husband is the one cleaning the window he insist on getting something super easy to clean, & we come across invisible grille. Its not really invisible, you can still see the line but from far hardly. Your view is definitely preserved. closer look at the grille from a distance and of course the bright sunlight you see the small silver screw, they even paint over it to make it look neater and nicer. love their service, if interested you can search for le home window grille, his name is edwin. Note: As it is a fixed grille, we didnt put it in the service balcony. The reason is if there is anything wrong with the aircon fan it's gonna be difficult to service as we have to cut the wire & install new one.
  6. does anyone know where I can a customized cushion for my bay window?
  7. We decided to have solar film for all the rooms. The reason is to reduce the heat in the home. For the kitchen, we add 2 layers, one is the solar film and frost layer to have privacy in the kitchen.