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  1. stargaaz

    Big Vase

    Hi all, does anybody know where i can buy big and tall vases? i plan to put those long dried stems/branches... i'v looked at Ikea but none suits what i'm looking for...
  2. hi all.. any suggestions where i can get nice dinnerware other than ikea? i'm on the lookout for simple classic white plates and bowls... thanks
  3. hi all... i recently moved in to new flat.. i'm using homogenous tiles for the living room..however i noticed that after mopping, the floor is no longer shiny like before.. it has these water marks on it when dry.. how do i properly maintain the tiles?
  4. hi all.. is it better to use the town gas or the conventional gas? any suggestions?
  5. hi all... anybody using Turbo built in oven? which model is good....?
  6. hi all... does anybody know where i can get rattan sofa set at a reasonable price...? many thanks...
  7. hey all... i'm seriously thinkin of doing my bathroom in black.. any suggestions on wat sort of tiles should i look out for? generally is it better to choose rough or smoother tiles for the toilets? i like the rough textured ones but am not sure if it will be easy to maintain.. anybody who have done up theirs in black, care to share some pics and advice pls.... thanks.............
  8. hello.. does anybody know where i can get wooden tv chest or cabinet big enough to store a 29" tv?